Hibernia – Media Launch

I once had a friend who lived around Magill and every time we would plan to catch up over a meal, she would always beg to go CBD or West-way. When I asked her why, she desperately exclaimed, “Because there’s no where delicious to eat around my area!”

Well. Have I got news for her AND you. Hibernia is now the go to eatery for the Eastern suburbs.

Officially opening its doors for the public TODAY (Thursday 1st), the new get up is located in the beautiful old Magill Institute building on Magill Road. The exterior of the building is a century old landmark that has been abandon for over 7 years but when you step inside you are transported through time. The decor inside is Scandanavian chic, boasting smooth wooden walls and furnishings, cast iron netting covering the walls and wooden geo style chandeliers.

Hibernia is owned by the same guys behind The Deli in Thebarton and Eire Cafe in Mitcham, so obviously we can expect great things. The media launch was a night of delicious wines and canapés to soak in and celebrate the coming of the new digs to add to the portfolio of great eateries.


First on the menu we had Sweet corn soup with Yarra Valley Salmon Caviar which made my tummy warm and comforted but also fancy as hell. Caviar? Uh yes please.

Next was the Ham Hock Croquette with vintage cheddar and tomato relish. This was an absolute WINNER. How do I know this? Because as the trays of it came out to be served they vanished with a blink of an eye. That’s how you know you’ve done well. The cheese on these bad boys was so gooey that it defied the laws of physics with the way they were held together in such a light crispy casing.

Following suit on the Scandanavian front, the Smoked Mackerel with dill yoghurt, baby cos, apple and braised fennel was next on the menu. The Scando diet is a clean and neat fish and veggie based diet that fitted this little dish to a tee. It was so fresh, crisp and juicy.

Continuing the fish theme, came the Ocean Trout Terrine, house made bread and crispy skin. What a perfect combo of crunch from the bread and crispy and velvety smoothness of the terrine. Very yes, much enjoyable.

The next offering was Black Pudding with crisp potato, maple bacon and caramelised onion. Salty potato and bacon mixed with caramelised onion made for a good contrast for the senses.

The Hazelnut and Tarragon Polenta with pecorino and wild mushroom duxelle was an earthly little dish that boasted woody flavours of mushroom that paired well the nuttiness of the hazelnut in the polenta.

Lastly we had the Gorgonzola, ginger and quince cheesecake. Was it a dessert? Was it a savoury? Was it delicious? Absolutely yes to all three questions.

These dishes were served with some of the finest drops of red and white wine to tie them all together.

Magill, the people have spoken: Hibernia is a yes from us.

Words by Kassie Affede from Big Mouth Blog

WHERE: 609 Magill Rd, Magill


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