Kin Kin Thai Eatery – Media Launch

This is our second visit to Kin Kin Thai Eatery in less than a week. This time we’re here for the media launch to celebrate the opening of the restaurant that has been open for just over two weeks. We’ve already talked about the place in our previous review so we’ll get straight into the food.

First up was the Tord Mun Pla which is fish cakes mixed with green beans, kaffir lime leaf, curry paste, chilli, peanut and cucumber relish. The morsels of fish cake were a decent size, and the texture was firm and chewy. The dressing it was soaked in was a delicious combination of sweet and spicy.


The Gai Tord were simply deep fried marinated chicken wings. The wings were nice and crispy on the outside, while tender and succulent in the centre. Chicken wings are good in anyones language!


The Po Pia Tord are Thai vegetarian style spring rolls. The spring roll skin was crispy and flaky, and the vegetable filling was delicate and well seasoned. The dish was given more depth with the sweet and spicy Asian dipping sauce.


The first of the mains was the Kaeng Phet Ped Yang which is a roast duck red curry with cherry tomatoes, pineapple, lychees and Thai basil. The roast duck was juicy and succulent with a lovely smokey flavour. The natural sweetness of the pineapple and lychees was a good balance to the subtly spicy curry sauce.


The Kaeng Keaw Wan is the green chicken curry with Thai eggplant and bamboo shoots. Generous portions of chicken thigh was used which was tender and succulent. The delicious and subtly spicy curry flavours were well infused into the meat and vegetables.


The Pad Si Ew is a wok fried flat rice noodle with marinated pork, egg, Chinese broccoli and dark soy sauce. The noodles were firm and chewy with a nice smoky flavour. The pork was well seasoned and the Chinese broccoli was firm and crisp. A great noodle dish if I say so myself.


A dish that I have never had before is the Yum Pla Fu. It is a crispy barramundi floss salad with cashew nuts, green apples, shallot, chilli and lime dressing. The barramundi is dried and shredded, and then mixed with the side salad. The salad is light and refreshing with a lovely crunchy texture from the nuts and apples. This dish is different and delicious!


The Ka Na Moo Grob is crispy pork belly with garlic, chilli and Chinese broccoli. The pork belly was simply amazing. It was so crispy and full of flavour. It was combined with broccoli in this case, but it would have tasted nice with anything.


The dishes got better with the Pork Rib. These are twice cooked pork ribs tossed with crispy shallot, spicy palm sugar and tamarind sauce. Again, the pork was nice and crispy, and the meat simply fell off the bone. The palm sugar gave the dish a subtle sweetness which was just right. If you love pork ribs then this dish is definitely for you!


Last but not least was the Neua Yang which is chargrilled marinated beef. The meat was charred on the outside and had a lovely pink centre. The beef was tender and succulent with lovely smokey flavours. This dish is ideal for those who aren’t too adventurous.


Kin Kin Thai Eatery is two out of two for amazing Thai experiences. I’ve now tried most of the menu and I can personally say the food is delicious. With great service, affordable prices and relaxed atmosphere, this restaurant is one to put on your list of places to visit.

WHERE: Shop 4, 242 Hutt St, Adelaide

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  1. Ross Duncan says:

    mmmm, that sure looks good, a bit of authenticity for the Thai food scene in Adelaide at last.

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