Cibo – New Provincial Menu

Over the last 15 years, the menu at Cibo Espresso has pretty much remained the same with very few changes. It is only now that it has undergone a complete overhaul. After 5 months in the making, the new Provincial Menu takes inspiration from the Italian way of life, sharing the passion for simple and delicious food. The new menu is hand made fresh daily and uses locally sourced ingredients.


With over 60 delicious new dishes on offer, the aim is to bring authentic Italian fare back to where it all started. There was only enough room today for about 30 of those dishes, but we found that more than enough. Adelaide Food Central, along with other guests, was invited to sample some of the new dishes with all food being provided free of charge.


Cibo Espresso have recruited specialist chef Jack Brennan to manage the development and rollout of the new menu. Jack has worked in culinary product development for over 14 years with 5 of those years under the famous Gordon Ramsay. Jack has a passion for flavour, and is impressed by the variety and quality of the fresh produce that comes out of South Australia.


New techniques have been adopted in the kitchen to improve the overall quality and flavour of the food on offer. From age old recipes to locally sourced ingredients, it all culminates into a delicious new menu that customers will enjoy for many years to come. Even the pizzas are now stone baked to lock in all the flavours in the crust.


There’s something in the new menu for any time of the day. Whether you’re catching up friends or need to get away from work, you’ll find yourself loving this new menu, just as we did. One of my favourites was the Panino Pollo Parmigiana. It was so full of flavour, and each bite was like a melt in your mouth experience. As for dessert, the Torte di Mandorle is an absolute must have! It’s the best cheesecake I’ve had in a while.


Over 60 delicious new handmade dishes are now available at Cibo Espresso stores across South Australia from today.

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