Cibo Locale – Findon – New Winter Menu

In Italy, Cibo means food. In Adelaide, Cibo also means food.

Cibo Locale is located on Grange road and offers more than just your coffee on the go. Forget what you THINK you know about Cibo, start hearing what you’re ABOUT to know about Cibo.

Cibo Locale is an extension of the Cibo brand, the red and white gloss and great coffee is still there, but this time they’re bringing a solid new menu (while retaining all the favourites) to the table, so to speak. The restaurant seats about 85 fellow food lovers and is decked out with huge wooden beams, leafy green ferns and huge dangling exposed light bulbs. Ever wondered what Italian hipster looks like? You’re looking at it.

We ordered a plethora of food (standard) because when the menu is this good, it’s rude not to.


Locale Mondo – The Italian big breakfast and they don’t call it that for nothing! This dish had it all, smooth creamy scrambled eggs, pork fennel sausages, roasted herbed tomatoes, spinach, bacon for days and sage mushrooms that were so buttery you’d step over your dying Nonna for another.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger – Think Texan cowboy meets spicy Asian mistress, this burger and fries combo was the offspring of the two. On first bite, the bun was melt in your mouth soft followed by a crispy bite of the chicken and sealed with a wasabi garlic mayo kiss. The spicy cabbage slaw gave it even more texture and made it burst with flavour.

SA Grilled Steak Sandwich – This wasn’t your ordinary steak sandwich, if you’re looking for a fish and chip shop sandwich you can jog on. This packed a spicy punch and sported onion marmalade, certainly slicker than your average. Good grief!

SA Salt and Pepper Calamari Salad – This dish had me thinking I’d straight up teleported back to Florence, eating lunch along the Ponte Vecchio. The calamari was so tender and battered lightly and ever so rightly, served with a big swipe of lime aioli. The salad boasted juicy green beans, golden chickpeas, fragrant fennel and chicory because why the hell not?

Crispy Gawler Pork Salad – The pork for me was easily a 10/10 on this plate. It was a real rollercoaster of emotion for my mouth; the bitterness of the radicchio, the creaminess of the feta chunks, the crunch of the cashew nuts, the aromatic herbs, the burst of sweet juicy watermelon. I didn’t know if I was coming or going (but you can imagine which, right?)

Pappadelle – For me, getting a pasta dish right is pretty hard. There’s often too rich of a sauce, not a good ratio of veg to pasta or sauce to pasta for that matter, the serving is too small and then there’s the level to which the pasta is cooked – there’s such an art to it! I can honestly say this dish was perfect mix between all these variables. The slow braised eggplant made the dish so gooey and thick without being too overbearing. The pasta was soft, served with a great amount of green olives, basil, capers and ricotta. It left me feeling so satisfied but light and not at all like I usually would after pasta: needing to find the nearest treadmill to shame-exercise it right off.


And because the Pappadelle left us with some room, we decided to order something sweet to end the meal. We treated ourselves to buttermilk pancakes with berries was delivered on a plate which can only likened to heaven. And what’s that on top? That’s right, it’s maple whipped butter, because that’s a thing! The dish was thick, velvety and uhhh, did I just eat a cloud? YEP!

We couldn’t go passed the Chocolate Banana Bread. Served with ricotta and honey, it had a crunchy crisp exterior with a melted gooey inside. The chocolate inside was just how I like my men: dark, bitter and delicious.

When it comes to restaurants being winners, it comes down to consistency. Are they consistent across the board in terms of products and service? What do we know about Cibo? Great coffee? Check. Great service? Check. Now great meals? CHECK CHECK CHECK! There was not one meal we ordered that I wouldn’t eat a hundred times over. You’ve won this round, Cibo.

Words by Kassie Affede of Big Mouth Blog

WHERE: 225-229 Grange Rd, Findon

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