Gyoza Gyoza

Gyoza Gyoza is an appropriately named Japanese gyoza bar that has just opened on Gouger Street amongst other popular Asian eateries. It is a franchise that already has two stores in the eastern states. Not surprisingly, gyoza is their specialty dish, and everything, including the gyoza skin, is made in house daily. They offer a wide range of different gyoza styles and fillings which are either fried, steamed or grilled. The fillings are pork, beef, seafood, chicken, duck or vegetables. If you’re not up for gyoza, they also have a wide range of Izakaya style dishes.

Before I analyse the food, I’d like to say that the customer service is an important part of the dining experience. The customer service at Gyoza Gyoza tonight was rather ordinary. After being escorted to my table, I was told by a Manager that it was alright to photograph the food but not the menu. Apparently, this was part of their franchise agreement. Having said that, the menu is freely available on their website. The Manager then proceded to keep her eye on me to make sure I wasn’t taking photos of the menu. It kind of ruined my appetite.

When it came to ordering, I asked for the Wagyu Beef and Red Onion Fried Gyoza. The dish came out after a 15 minute wait and the presentation was rather average. The dumplings were fried to a golden brown on multiple sides with the base of the dish revealing an oily residue. The dumpling size was consistent with gyoza from other stores and the skin was firm and chewy. The filling was well seasoned, although there were some bits of beef that could have been more refined.


The service was rather slow throughout the time I was there. From ordering my food, to waiting for my food and drinks to arrive, it wasn’t acceptable to my standards. I even had to wait 10 minutes at the register to pay the bill. Having said that, the gyoza were good. A serve of six comes at a cost of $6.80. I would have ordered more but I wasn’t in the mood to spend more money here.

WHERE: 95-97 Gouger St, Adelaide



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