Daisy Burger

Daisy Burger is a food truck that has been roaming the streets of Adelaide since November last year. Luke, one of the owners, has a background in hospitality and has always had great ideas as to what to sell to customers. The owners have a passion for burgers, and after many months of planning, Daisy Burger was formed. The truck itself is named after their Great Dane, and the black and white colour of the vehicle are the same as the dog.

Daisy Burger has 5 burgers on the menu. At the time of writing, there were 3 beef burgers, a chicken and a vegetarian option. The burgers are not overly complicated which is how they should be. All the ingredients are locally sourced where possible which is great for the local economy. The packaging that the food comes in is sustainable and plant based which is good for the environment.

For lunch, I had Crispy Bacon and Cheese Burger. The beef patty was well seasoned and cooked to perfection. Slightly charred on the outside and slightly pink in the centre. A lot of onion and herb was used in the patty which was just to my liking. The cheese was nicely melted over the patty and the bacon was smokey and crisp. The lettuce and tomato were fresh, and the onion provided a natural sweetness. The quantity of tomato sauce and mayonnaise applied was just right and prevented the burger from being too dry. The brioche bun was nice and firm, and held all the ingredients in well.


The burger itself was $10 (add $5 for drink and fries) and was very tasty and satisfying. What blew me away was the quality of the ingredients. It’s fresh and you can tell after the first bite. I also liked the speed of the service. In under 10 minutes, a burger was made right in front of you and was ready to eat.

The burger I had was amazing and I can’t wait to try the others!

WHERE: Location Varies (Food Truck)

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