Ambra Liqueurs – VIP Cocktail Launch

Among the many little lanes in Thebarton is hiding a facility that prepares some of the most refreshing and tastiest liqueurs using all SA-grown produce. As part of being ‘all-local’ and ‘all-natural’, Ambra Liqueurs aims to deliver in quality and quantity by a running a 3-person team to continue the legacy that original creator Libero De Luca started 80 years ago.

A fantastic event that was organized by The Adelaide Set and Adelaide Food Central, everyone was enjoying the beautiful and sociable atmosphere that Ambra Liqueurs had set up in their little but cozy space. Drinks were flowing, finger food was being served, and everyone were catching up with old friends and making new ones.

A group of bloggers were invited to the Ambra Liqueurs Cellar Door in Thebarton, where the owners Peppe Fusco and Nando Focareta gave us a tour of the manufacturing and production process of Ambra Liqueurs.

The perfect way to celebrate #MixologyMonday, barman Stuart did an excellent job of crafting the different drinks for the night. Being served with our favourite kind(s) of salivating poison, we were treated to six cocktails. Each of these cocktails involved one of the six flavours of Ambra Liqueurs that were beautifully set out on tables across the room.

First up, we were welcomed with the Ambra Collins with Ambra Limoncello, Gin, and Tonic. A sweeter take on the classic G & T, this drink was extremely refreshing and provided with the citrusy kick that we all needed after a long Monday at work. The Limoncello was smooth and tasted divine on a bed of crushed ice.

Next, we had the Ambra Agrumello Cooler with blood orange sparkling juice. I enjoyed this drink as well, which had a fruity sweetness from the blood orange. While the alcoholic taste was subtle, it was just the right amount to make you feel the buzz that this drink was aiming for.

We also tried the Ambra Amaretto Sour, which was garnished with granulated sugar, cherry, and finished off with a slice of lemon. Presented similar to a Jam and Donut shot, the sourness from the lemon complemented the sweetness of the sugar wonderfully. The finished product – the cocktail shot – had a beautifully sweet and zingy aftertaste that warranted all the attention from us (and in good form too)!

With the drinks pouring, we were then served the Ambra Crema Di Limoncello with ice. This was another hit among the bloggers, where the milky texture of this drink was refreshing and had a creamy overview. While only a small quantity, I thoroughly enjoyed this drink and would definitely add it to my cabinet in the future for the days when I’m after a tastier alternative to Baileys.

We were then served with the Ambra Chocolate Orange with Ambra Chocolatino, milk, vanilla and cream. This was one of my favourite drinks that basically tasted like an iced chocolate, but with a zest of orange that gave it the ‘pop’ factor. Definitely one of the standout drinks, the Chocolatino not only delivered in presentation but also in taste.


Saving the best for last, we had the Ambra Espresso Martini with Ambra Cappuccino, Vodka and Little Drippa Espresso. Having been nicknamed coffee bean by friends dear to me, I had been (impatiently) waiting for this drink that sounded like heaven. And oh how heavenly it was!  I loved how this Martini had a balance of the strong flavour of the espresso along with the subtleness of the alcoholic content. The cappuccino served with the coffee beans allowed for the caffeine to effervesce beautifully. I also enjoyed how this drink is so versatile and can easily be enjoyed at any time of the day without getting a wave of judgment for its boozy status – I mean, coffee lovers everywhere agree that anything with caffeine gets two thumbs up from us (and if alcohol is occasionally and casually added to it, then isn’t that a bonus?)!

Has this review made you salivate with pure ecstasy? Then, what are you waiting for? Ambra’s cellar door offers group bookings where you can take the glorious opportunity of tasting the different liqueurs that is manufactured and produced fresh. Open 8am-4pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, this is the perfect way to spend your day off and experience what pure and seriously delicious liqueur tastes like.

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: 43 Phillips St, Thebarton


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