Kytons Bakery – To Fruit or Not To Fruit?

This Easter, South Australia’s Kytons Bakery is expanding its range of award winning Hot Cross Buns to cater for a wider audience. For those who don’t like the traditional Hot Cross Bun, Kytons Bakery have introduced the fruitless variety. Whether you like fruit or not, everyone now gets to enjoy the delicious Kytons Bakery Hot Cross Buns. Of course, if you’re feeling a bit naughty, Kytons Bakery have incorporated another South Australian favourite, FruChocs, into their Hot Cross Buns.

While I have a bit of a sweet tooth myself, I enjoy the traditional Hot Cross Buns with the natural sweetness of the fruit. Having said that, I didn’t mind the FruChocs Hot Cross Buns either. Everything tastes good with chocolate and hot cross buns are no different.


The full range of Kytons Bakery Hot Cross Buns are available at over 200 retailers across South Australia. This includes Foodland Supermarkets, selected IGA and Woolworths supermarkets, Aussie Farmers Direct, Adelaide Central Market, gourmet fruit and veggie stores, health stores and from Kytons Bakery headquarters at Edwardstown.

WHERE: 15 Lindsay Ave, Edwardstown



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