Saigonese Cafe

I’m an aficionado when it comes to Roast Pork Vietnamese Bread Rolls having had them at over 80 different places in Adelaide. I recently discovered that the newly opened Saigonese Cafe sells them and it took me no time at all to head down there. The cafe itself is located close to the beginning of King William Road as you head out of the city. They have a basic western breakfast menu, while lunch is a combination of Vietnamese street food and classic homestyle dishes.

For lunch, I had the Vietnamese Roasted Pork Bread Roll. As I was ordering, I was told everything is sourced locally or made in house. The roll came 15 minutes after ordering and was nicely presented. Like all authentic Vietnamese rolls, there was a generous layer of pate and egg mayonnaise. The roast pork was well seasoned and the crackling skin was done just right. The pork itself was a little fatty but that’s the nature of pork belly these days due to a shortage. The amount of meat in the roll was good, however, a little conservative when compared to other places. The coriander was fresh, the pickled carrots, sweet and tangy, and the fresh chilli added a nice kick. The bread rolls are sourced from a Walkerville bakery and were nice and crusty.


The staff were really friendly and the service was good. The cost of the Roast Pork Roll was $7 which is not bad considering the price of pork has gone up and the location itself. Dishes here start as low as $2.50 and go all the way up to $18.

They do a decent authentic Vietnamese Roll here which is definitely worth checking out.

Saigonese Cafe is open from 9am-3pm from Monday to Saturday, and on Friday evenings from 6pm-11pm.

WHERE: 56A King William Rd, Goodwood



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