Burganomix – VIP Media Launch

Adelaide’s love affair with burgers continues as yet another burger bar opens, this time in the beachside suburb of Glenelg. Burganomix joins the burger bar party at the Bay alongside Relish’d, E’nuf and Glenelg Burger Bar. You might already be thinking “what, another burger bar?”, but let me introduce you to Burganomix properly. In my mind two major points of difference make Burganomix stand out from the crowd; its prime location with Burganomix being cleverly located directly opposite Moseley Square, meaning hungry beachgoers will lay eyes on Burganomix before any of the other burger bars in the area, and secondly its extensive menu, but more about that shortly. Adelaide Food Central and The Adelaide Set co-hosted a VIP media launch at Burganomix where we had the opportunity to mingle with fellow ‘foodies’ whilst sampling as much, or as little, of the Burganomix menu as we wanted. All food and drinks were provided free of charge.

The first thing you notice upon entering Burganomix is the large open frontage that overlooks Moseley Square. What a perfect location to sit back and relax after a long day at the beach and watch the sun set! The second thing you notice is the retro fit-out; an odd assortment of brightly coloured vinyl chairs mixed faultlessly with different sized laminate and wooden table tops. Throw in some overhead fans and pops of red colour in the form of pendant lighting and you’ve got yourself a burger bar with a causal vibe and plenty of seating both inside and out. The third and more important thing you notice is the extensive menu. When was the last time you went to a burger bar with a menu printed on an A3 sheet of paper? The menu at Burganomix has something to suit all tastes and dietary requirements, offering gluten-free and vegan-friendly alternatives. There are plenty of side dishes with the likes of the more traditional burger accompaniments such as Onion Rings, Nomix Chicken Wings and of course Super Crunch and Sweet Potato Chips, combined with the more unique Cheesy Cauliflower and Chargrilled Corn sides.

Burganomix offers a massive thirty different burgers, with seafood, veggie, beef, pork, chicken and steak varieties. You even get to select your choice of bun from brioche, sesame seed, multi-grain or no bun at all (where your burger is wrapped in lettuce leaves, known as the Buggsy). The food menu is rounded out with three salad options and a kid’s menu. The last thing I want to draw your attention to is the beverage menu at Burganomix, which is comparable to the ones you would find in a restaurant. Just wow!!! Complete with a selection of white and red wines, cider, coffee and tea, juices, milk shakes and thick shakes and around thirty different beers from around the globe, including Italy, Korea, Germany, USA, Mexico, Vietnam and the list goes on. Both the food and beverage menus are unparalleled to any burger bar menu that I’ve seen in Adelaide! Burganomix is definitely the kind of burger bar where you come back and try something different on the menu every time!

As if eating a giant burger isn’t enough we decided to begin our feast by ordering a few side dishes (or ‘Quick Fix’ as the menu reads). We opted for the Onion Rings and Sweet Chipotle Nomix Chicken Wings. The onion rings arrived after a few short minutes and were beautifully presented, despite being served in a cardboard box, with a wooden skewer cleverly used to stack the onion rings higher; somewhat reminiscent of the ‘Hoopla’ game you would play at a fair. The onion rings were golden in colour and had a perfect crunch to them, which complemented the soft onion on the inside of the batter. The onion rings were paired with a garlic aioli, which was creamy and not too garlicky.

Not too far behind arrived the Sweet Chipotle Nomix Chicken Wings. The wings were also presented well with the helping of a sprinkle of parsley and sesame seeds and a drizzle of sweet chipotle mayo. The wings, a good mixture of wingettes and drumettes, were cooked well and had a lovely little spicy tang to them. For more of a chilli hit you could add some of the sweet chipotle mayo dipping sauce, but I thought the wings were ‘finger lickin’ good’ on their own. I loved the fact that the chicken wings were still crunchy even though they were covered in a sweet sticky sauce. Definitely a menu winner!

Being spoilt for choice I found it difficult to decide on just one burger, but after some careful deliberation I went with the Nomix Beef Burga, which consisted of a beef patty, mayo, lettuce, beetroot, a free range egg, tomato, pineapple, pancetta, caramelised onion, spicy mustard, cheese, pickles and chutney on a brioche bun. Phew what a list! The first thing you notice about the burgers at Burganomix is the height of buns and you begin to wonder how you will ever get your mouth around such an object… but trust me you do, albeit with a bit of a mess, especially with the amount of fillings in the Nomix burger. Don’t worry as the staff at Burganomix will quickly come to your aid with a refresher towelette… or two. The second thing you notice is how colourful and beautifully presented the burgers are; each and every ingredient has its place in the burger hierarchy.

Now getting back to my burger… it was a great burger, flavoursome and surprisingly not greasy at all! Despite containing a large number of ingredients they all worked together seamlessly. I loved the freshness of all the burger toppings, especially the salad ingredients. For me there is nothing worse than biting into a burger with soggy tomato and day-old, limp lettuce. The caramelised onion gave a subtle sweetness to the burger, whilst the beetroot and pineapple offered a refreshing hit. The egg was cooked well and not too runny and the cheese was strategically layered upon the beef patty making for ‘melted-cheesy-meaty-goodness’.

My only criticisms were that the pancetta could have been cooked more to render it crispy and that the beef patty itself was quite thin, but given the height of this burger already I am not sure I would have wanted it any thicker. Having said this, the burger patty was cooked and seasoned well. I was also initially confused as to why the base of the burger buns were thicker compared to the top, but Mr N pointed out that if the base of the bun is too thin it will absorb all the burger juices and end up soggy. He was indeed correct! Despite having the soft brioche bun the bread held together perfectly and never went soggy!

Mr N chose The Lot Steak Burga with chutney, mayo, onion rings, a free range egg, Barossa pancetta, cheese, steak, tomato and lettuce on a sesame seed bun. The steak was tender and not chewy like some steak sandwiches can be, a decent thickness and well-seasoned. Similar to my burger, the egg was cooked flawlessly and the cheese melted perfectly upon the piece of steak. The onion rings, the same ones we ordered for entrée, provided a lovely crunch factor to the burger. All in all Mr N thought the burger was “wild”.

The Sidewinders (spiral-cut chunky chips) that came served with the burgers were delicious! They were well-seasoned and perfectly golden and crunchy on the outside, whilst the potato was soft and delicate on the inside. As a hot chip lover, these were definitely some of the best I’ve tasted!

The staff at Burganomix are friendly and welcoming and despite the burger bar being almost packed to capacity on the night of the launch all food and drinks were brought to the tables in a prompt manner, with empty boxes and napkins being cleared away just as quickly. The burgers range in price from $10 to $19.50, with both of our burgers coming in around the midway mark at $16 and $16.50, which is very reasonable considering Burganomix’s beachfront location, the quality of ingredients used and the actual size of the burgers. Side dishes range in price from $4 for a small serve of Super Crunch Chips right up to $18 for a large (1kg) serve of Nomix Chicken Wings.

The entire Adelaide Food Central team would like to thank Jack and his friendly team for their kind hospitality at the Burganomix VIP media launch. We all look forward to returning and trying more of the menu!

Words by Kelly Betterman

WHERE: 2/1 Colley Tce, Glenelg


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