Scroll Ice Cream

Scroll Ice Cream is the latest ice cream craze to hit Adelaide. Whilst Melbourne has been lucky enough to experience Scroll in the form of a pop-up store over the past few months, Adelaide is about to get its turn when Scroll Ice Cream officially opens tomorrow. The ice creamery is conveniently located on York Street in the CBD, just behind Rundle Street. Adelaide Food Central was lucky enough to experience the Scroll taste sensation prior to its opening and even had the chance to try our luck at making some of our own ice cream scrolls… its certainly not as easy as it looks!


The concept behind Scroll was initially inspired by Thai street vendors during a holiday to Phuket. This Thai-inspired technique involves pouring a predominantly milk and cream-based liquid mixture onto a large, flat cold metal plate (around -20°C), mixing in a variety of chopped ingredients before spreading it thin like a pancake and finally, as the name suggests, rolling it up into delicate ice cream scrolls. All of this is carried out right in front of you using flat spatulas just like you’d see at a typical Teppanyaki restaurant. The scrolls are then topped with delicious treats like fresh fruit, crushed biscuits and nuts or wafer sticks. Each ice cream is prepared using fresh local ingredients, with the team at Scroll priding themselves on their ice cream being preservative and stabiliser-free.


The first flavour we sampled was the Oreo Serious featuring what tasted like cookies ’n’ cream ice cream, but was in fact their secret recipe base with an Oreo biscuit cleverly mixed in. The scrolls were topped with fresh raspberries, an Oreo biscuit, two chocolate wafer sticks and a dusting of crushed Oreo biscuits. What stood out to me was the smooth and creamy texture of the ice cream scrolls which is a testament to how the cold-plate ice cream is made. Whilst some ice creams can be overly sweet and sickly, Scroll is a perfect sweetness that allows the add-ins, such as the Oreo biscuit in this case, to shine through.


Next we sampled the crowd favourite, the Nutter Butter; the same base mixture but with Nutella, Crunchy Peanut Butter and a crushed Tim Tam biscuit mixed in, topped with chocolate wafer sticks, more crushed Tim Tams and peanuts, with some cute Minion biscuits sweetening the deal. This was one of my favourites! I mean who doesn’t love peanut-buttery-chocolatey-goodness! I particularly liked the crunch factor that the peanut butter added to the smooth ice cream scrolls. Initially I was concerned that the ice cream would melt too quickly based on their fine, delicate nature, but we were enlightened by Danny that the tighter the ice cream scrolls were, the longer it took for the ice cream to melt. Clever!


Perfect Matcha was next in line and given that neither Mr L nor I were green tea fans we were both sceptical about this flavour. This was a green tea flavoured ice cream decorated with lychees, fresh blueberries and two strawberry flavoured Pocky sticks. We were both intrigued to discover that Pocky is a Japanese chocolate-coated biscuit treat. Whilst Perfect Matcha would not be my flavour of choice, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the green tea flavour was not too overpowering and its mild bitterness was perfectly complemented by the natural sweetness of the fruits on top.


My (and Mr L’s) personal favourite was the Pav-Lover featuring chopped fresh strawberries and meringue throughout the ice cream scrolls and similarly topped with fresh strawberry halves, crushed meringue and a drizzle of passionfruit pulp. This tasted exactly like a pavlova! It was deliciously refreshing! I loved the texture afforded by the crushed meringue and the sweetness of the passionfruit against the creaminess of the ice cream.


Luckily for my waist line Say Cheese was the last ice cream flavour we tasted. This consisted of a small slice of New York-style cheesecake smashed into the standard base mixture and decorated with fresh strawberries and a dusting of crushed biscuit. Say Cheese is simple, yet elegant with the taste of the cheesecake shining through.


Scroll also currently offers a coffee flavoured ice cream scroll aptly named Espresso Slam and Coco Lovin’, a dairy and gluten-free option. Scroll plans to introduce new flavours in the coming months with the intention to add alcoholic-flavoured scrolls, such as Baileys and Espresso Martini, upon the acquisition of a liquor license.

The Adelaide store is light and bright with plenty of eye-catching colourful wall art and fittingly bollards have been painted to look like chocolate wafer sticks. The store also has a small area complete with stools for diners to enjoy their frozen treats. More importantly the team at Scroll Ice Cream are vibrant and cheery and passionate about their unique product. An ice cream at Scroll, equivalent to around three scoops of ice cream, will set you back $9, which is in line with most ice creameries in Adelaide.

Adelaide Food Central would like to thank Sam, Danny and the rest of the Adelaide team for the opportunity to sample what Scroll Ice Cream has to offer and wish them the best of luck for their Grand Opening and beyond!

To help celebrate Scroll’s entrance into Adelaide’s ice cream scene ‘scrollin’ to their Adelaide store tomorrow (9th January) between 12-3pm for free ice cream or between 3pm-midnight for half price scrolls. If you miss this don’t despair as Scroll Ice Cream will be open from 1pm through to midnight, seven days a week.

Words by Kelly Betterman

WHERE: 35 York St, Adelaide

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