Feisty Filomena

We were lucky enough to attend the family and friends taste testing of the brand new food truck about to roll out onto our streets; Feisty Filomena! The Italian Street Food Truck looks mean! With handcuff fittings, an edgy artwork wrap and some slogans that really bring out the Feisty in Feisty Filomena, make sure you have a look when trying the food!

The owners; Linda and Josh started Feisty from the very beginning, the two renovated the truck mostly themselves and the lady herself, Filomena (Linda’s mum) has passed down her recipes to Linda which really makes this food truck special.

The recipes and owners aren’t the only thing making Feisty Filomena extremely family orientated; Linda is focused on supporting and maintaining strong relationships with other local, family run business’ sourcing all ingredients from the Gepps Cross Market; family to family.

The menu covered all you could want from an Italian food truck; Panini, Meatballs, Arancini balls, Lasagne and a dessert. I went a little wild and ordered absolutely everything! It’s my job right? How else would I review the menu!
The side dishes, Body Bags of Chips; rosemary salted hot chips and Garlic Breath; buttery and garlicy bread are both available in two sizes. The garlic bread was perfect; crunchy, garlicy (but not vampire fighter garlicy) and especially buttery just as the name suggests; with super fresh soft-centred bread.



Big Lou’s Meatball Panini takes after the name; it was big! It had Italian meatballs which were simmered in a vine ripened tomato ragu, topped with melted buffalo mozzarella, parmesan and fresh basil served in a warm ciabatta Panini. The meatballs were so well cooked they both held together but fell apart just the right amount. The fresh basil, parmesan and garlic were great flavour hits throughout the Panini.


We then tried the Fat Tony; as you can see the names of the dishes are VERY fitting for Feisty. The Fat Tony was a succulent herbed chicken schnitzel, topped with house-made Italian sauce, melted mozzarella served in a ciabatta roll. Very similar to the Panini, the traditional Italian flavours of the cheese, tomato and garlic really come through. Perfectly cooked chicken, loads of flavour and once again it was pretty big, great for the hungry ones out there!


When someone says lasagne it takes me back to being a kid. I’ve always sworn black and blue that my mum makes THE best lasagne so it was a challenge to review The GODMOTHER (Filomena’s Lasagne). The top secret recipe was delicious I must say. I don’t know what those ladies do but they’re able to pack so much flavour into the meatballs! Speaking of meat.. there was so much, we were very impressed. Usually filled with layer upon layer of pasta this was a pleasant change. The first bite I had a fork full of the delicious tomato sauce, some of the meatballs and my favourite part… the crispy, cheesy edges… ahhh I’m salivating just thinking about it!


A crowd favourite, and it came across as Linda’s favourite too was the Nonna’s Balls dish; three crispy vegetarian Arancini balls, infused with saffron and stuffed with porcini mushroom and a melted fontina cheese centre. Watching that cheese ooze out was amazing, the balls were the perfect amount of crunchy on the outside and very well-seasoned; enough to bring out the great flavours of the porcini and tomato but no flavour was too over-powering.


At first I was thinking ‘how on earth am I going to fit dessert in?!’ but then I remembered dessert doesn’t go to the stomach, dessert goes to the heart! And that it did… The Messy Italian is an Italian take on the Eton Mess dish we all know and love. With baci ice-cream, white chocolate, hazelnut chocolate and pecans along with our mess favourites, meringue and home-made raspberry coulis this dish was AMAZING. The flavours reminded me of rocky road, but with so many different textures! You had the cold smooth ice-cream with the tangy coulis, crunchy meringue and even crunchier pecans along with the melt-in the mouth hazelnut chocolate.


Everything available was reasonably priced (you’re getting a bargain!) considering the quality of ingredients, time and effort put into each dish and the generous serving size; when commenting on the great amount of food served all that Linda had to say was “we’re Italian, of course there’s lots of food!”.

Each dish tasted like Nonna’s cooking; I don’t know about you but I can always tell when a dish is created with love and passion. Thinking back on it now; with Filomena helping out in the truck kitchen, Linda serving her tasty, much loved recipes to family and friends for a trial and hearing the well wishes and positive feedback from absolutely everyone really was such a pleasure to be a part of, I can’t wait for the rest of Adelaide to experience this.
You can find Feisty Filomena serving some bad-ass dishes around Adelaide at the footy and other local events, battling it out with her fellow food truckers.

Words by Chelsea Thomas

WHERE: Various Locations


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