Pink Moon Saloon

Walking down Leigh Street, I was perplexed to see what looks like a fancy tree house – right in the heart of Adelaide CBD! Set up by the guys who run Clever Little Tailor in the neighbouring street, Pink Moon Saloon may look small on the outside, but just like the Tardis in Doctor Who, it is so much bigger on the inside!

Keen to check out new places, the team at Adelaide Food Central to pop into Pink Moon Saloon to see what they had to offer. Sectioned into two ‘huts’, the front bar offers a selection of craft beer, wine, and customized cocktails, thereby providing its guests with an inviting atmosphere for those who may be stopping by for a drink or three.
There is a courtyard for those who would like to enjoy the beautiful weather that Adelaide is occasionally blessed with. Additionally, it is a fantastic spot that encourages socialization between the two ends of Pink Moon Saloon.

The area right at the back of Pink Moon Saloon appears to provide its guests with a more private space where they can enjoy the food from the restaurant, away from the hustle and bustle that Leigh Street tends to attract during the later hours of the evening.

The design and décor of this cute, little bar and restaurant is a shoe-in to attract tourists and locals alike. I think I can see this spot becoming popular on Friday and Saturday nights, mostly due to the exterior part of Pink Moon Saloon having such an eye-catching and vibrant colour, but also because of its proximity to some of the most popular drinking streets of Adelaide.

The hospitality of some of the staff members at Pink Moon was exceptional, while others seemed to hit the mark on customer service. Nonetheless, our needs were catered for, and the atmospheric vibes in the courtyard made our visit to Pink Moon an enjoyable one (for the most part).

In order to satisfy the foodies in us, we decided to try two meals, which were selected from their succinct menu.

The Wood Fired Chicken Salad with apple, pickled carrot, radish, beans, grains, shoots and leaves was a bit disappointing as it seemed to lack flavour and tasted bland. The chicken had lovely smokey flavours, however, it was dry and overcooked.

The Sandwich with wood-fired mushroom, charred corn, carrot, goats cheese and seeded loaf tasted average, as the bread could’ve been less soggy. However, the ingredients used in the sandwich seemed to complement each other quite well and the flavouring made this meal really delicious and desirable.


Now I know bars aren’t known for their food but we thought the dishes we had were average at best. It probably would have been different had we just come here for drinks. Pink Moon Saloon is still fairly new on the popular Leigh Street precinct and are naturally, are still finding their feet. It’s probably worth another visit down the track to see what this place is really about.

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: 21 Leigh St, Adelaide




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