Mississippi Moon – Grand Opening

After a lot of whispers of a new bar on the block, the team from Adelaide Food Central was invited to the grand opening of Mississippi Moon – a new South American-inspired bar that has of a beautifully minimalistic interior, plays the blues and jazz genres of music, and presents with a selection of cocktails that boast of the infusion of bourbon and moonshine.
Walking into this bar was definitely a beautiful surprise that we weren’t expecting.  We were delighted by the hospitality of the staff, who had clearly been working through the days and nights to make this grand opening a huge success, and boy was it a big success! With the people flowing in from 5:30pm onwards, Mississippi Moon didn’t take long to become the ‘it spot’ on a Wednesday night.
Located on the increasingly well-known Gresham Street that is home to other bar favourites such as Bibliotheca and La Buvette, Mississippi Moon has nested itself into a cute, quaint space. I was fortunate enough to have met with the man behind the logo, who informed me that it was a joint collaboration between him and his friend, who tried to capture Michael’s vision of representing the name with the help of an eye-catching design. I also noticed how the design of the bar itself seems to represent the culture that Michael was trying to capture through his travels across Central America, from the walls to the wooden floor work to the light bulbs – every element of the bar seems to be complementing each other in a fantastic manner.
Formerly home to Run Riot clothing store, the décor of this bar provides for a minimalistic and vintage-y outlook to its guests. It also has a colourful floor-to-ceiling mural of an alligator that was drawn by local street artist Jayson Fox, who aimed to capture the essence of one of Michael’s favourite urban myths – Uncle Monday.
There were four cocktails that we had the pleasure of tasting, each of which delivered in either a strong or sweet way (and there’s nothing wrong with that)! All cocktails tasted even better with a side of jerkies (that’s right, there were 4 different kinds of jerky – Top End beef, buffalo, camel, kangaroo and crocodile jerky!) and/or fried chicken, which was being snapped up from the tray in just minutes!
Of all four cocktails, I have to say that the Full Moon was my absolute favourite. Consisting of delicious Apple Pie Moonshine, Cointreau, lime and egg whites, this drink was clearly a winner for our team.
While the Huckleberry Gin could’ve used a bit more gin for the ‘kick’, it was an equally refreshing drink that had one of my all-time favourite fruits blended into it – strawberries. We all know that you can’t go wrong with strawberries!
The Mint Julep was a pretty strong drink that mainly tasted like straight alcohol, but had a minty tang to it, which made this drink a real sipper!
Another very interesting drink on the menu was the Bacon infused Bourbon Bliss Old Fashioned, which stayed true to its name and mainly consisted of wonderful bourbon and provided with a rich, smoked-bacon aftertaste. This is definitely not a drink for the weak!
Possessing a charming character with their aesthetic in the design, from the floor-to-ceiling mural, the friendliness of the staff and the fantastic selection of Southern American-inspired cocktails and drinks, it looks like Adelaide folk will be attracted to the idea of braving the rowdiness of Hindley Street and discovering the diamond in the rough that is Mississippi Moon.

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: 25 Gresham St, Adelaide

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