The Pearl – VIP Launch

Last night, Adelaide Food Central was invited to The Pearl, Adelaide’s newest club and music venue. Located in the revitalised west end of the Adelaide CBD, The Pearl is a cocktail and nightclub that takes inspiration from New York and Western Europe.

There is a cocktail bar at the front and a club section at the rear. Within the club is a VIP section that comes with a personal waitress and bottle service. Boasting an extensive wine list and top shelf spirits, there is something to suit all tastebuds. And of course, let’s not forget the food. Caviar, cheeses and salmon bruschetta are just few things on offer. Patrons will be treated to a 5 star experience whenever they come here.


The club section of The Pearl will be home to local DJ, Carmine Vozzo as well as a mix of local and touring DJs that will play a mix of house and RnB. Every weekend, there will be at least 3 DJs per night playing funky tunes till the early hours of the morning.


The Pearl is located just off Colonel Light Square and is open from 4pm to 5am, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Bookings are necessary to secure booth space in the cocktail bar.

Make sure you check out The Pearl to enjoy the VIP experience.

WHERE: 149 Waymouth St, Adelaide


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