Mlkman have been around for several months now and are a premium food delivery service for restaurants that don’t deliver. It can be best described as the Uber for food.

Until now, ordering something to be delivered to your home or office usually meant some cheap and nasty takeaway pizza or similar. If you wanted a quality meal, you’d actually have to go to a restaurant. But these days, people are busy. They don’t have time to get away from their desk, wait in line or go for a drive and then look for a park. People often work back late and are just too tired. This is where Mlkman comes in. The mobile application now gives people more variety and choice which has what has been lacking in the past.

We’ve already tested out Mlkman before, but today, we gave it a revisit. Ordering from the app is simple. As soon as you open it, it comes up with a list of nearby participating restaurants that are ready to take your order. Some businesses aren’t open for lunch, so the app will tell you that those businesses are currently offline. Today, I decided to order a Salami, Olive, Anchovy and Capsicum pizza from East of Norman. Simply select the business from the app, select the pizza you want and go to the check out. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to register with Mlkman. It will require your credit card details, but don’t worry, it’s all safe and secure. Once ordered, you’re receive regular notifications of where your food is at.

Within 45 minutes and for a flat $9 delivery fee, a fresh piping hot pizza was delivered to my door. The food is picked up from the restaurant as soon as it’s ready and the delivery people are trained on properly handling food. App users can only order from a particular distance to ensure that the food is of a decent quality when it arrives. The verdict? Speedy delivery and delicious food! The pizza tasted like it just came out of the oven!


While other food delivery services rely on the drivers of the restaurant, Mlkman have their own network of drivers that are on hand to deliver the food. For me, it was the ease of use of the app, the speed at which the food arrived and the quality of the meal. It was like the restaurant experience without leaving the house.

Mlkman is making life easier for everyone by providing restaurant quality meals at a touch of a few buttons. People who are time poor don’t have to leave the house or office to enjoy a decent meal. Thoroughly impressed!


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