Fulham Gardens Bakery

I’m always on the search for the best Roast Pork Vietnamese Roll in Adelaide and I just couldn’t help myself when I stumbled upon the Fulham Gardens Bakery. It’s not the first bakery to sell Vietnamese street food and it’s certainly an advantage for them to have bread baked fresh on premises. Fulham Gardens Bakery sells 5 types of Vietnamese rolls as well as your Salad Bowls, Spring Rolls and Dim Sims. If you’re not feeling like Vietnamese street food, they also have a selection of pastries and sweets on offer.

Like most bakeries, there is no seating for customers, so I had to order the Roast Pork Vietnamese Roll take away. It was good to see my roll prepared on the spot as they took the bread off the tray. What I didn’t like was how they cut the bread. It was sliced from the top which meant less filling due to the smaller width. While the store attendant was wearing gloves, I was surprised to be asked for the money while she was in the middle of preparing my roll. At no point did she take off her gloves when handling the money.

I had no doubts about the authenticity of the Vietnamese roll. A nice spread of pate and egg mayonnaise. The roast pork was fresh out of the oven and it was really juicy at the time of eating. There were a few bits of crunchy skin but I felt there could have been more. The pickled carrot was sweet and tangy, while the cucumber added a nice crunchy texture. The coriander was fresh and the chilli added good heat. The bread roll was amazing; light, airy and crusty.


The staff were friendly and the service was fast and efficient. The cost of the roll was $5.50 which I thought was average. If I look past the fact that the roll was sliced down the centre from the top and the handling of money during the preparation of my roll, it probably would have been a different experience. The roll was tasty and delicious.

WHERE: 130 Valetta Rd, Findon




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