AsiaFest 2015 – Teppanyaki Degustation

Adelaide Food Central was invited to a 9 course Teppanyaki degustation meal at Asiafest on Thursday. All the food and drinks were complimentary.

I love food adventures, especially degustation meals due to its variability and continuity in the courses. On top of that, the menu design often portrays the food passion of the chef. This year at Asiafest, Samurai Teppanyaki had brought the foodies a 9 courses Teppanyaki degustation.

It was a contemporary Japanese Teppanyaki with free flow beverages. The degustation took place at a lovely private marquee at the Japan section of Asiafest. There were 2 evening sessions going on each day from Tuesday to Thursday.

After we got seated, the chef and his team extended their warmest welcome to the diners. Kirin apple cider was served not long after, which was perfect to cool us down on the hot and stuffy day.

The first course was miso pumpkin soup with French and Chinese influence. It was served with crispy shallot pancake which was cooked on teppanyaki. The pumpkin soup was smooth, rich and flavoursome. Besides that, the pancake was flaky and crispy with distinctive shallot aroma. The combination of pumpkin soup and shallot pancake was good.


The second course was Tuna Tataki. The tuna was sea red lightly, then dressed with ponzu sauce and shichimi. The tuna was fresh and retained its succulence. Kizami nori and bonita were used to garnish the dish, which also added the unami taste. Chilli tomato salsa was also served to freshen the dish with its sweetness and spiciness.


Crispy skin duck breast with cucumber cold roll and sour sweet plum sauce was the next course. To our
disappointment, the duck fat was not rendered completely and the skin wasn’t very crispy. The duck meat was slightly on the tough side. However, the sauce was wonderful with the plum flavour dancing on the tongue. It was intense in flavour and worked perfectly well with the cold roll and the duck.


The next course was the orange coleslaw salad to cut back on the heaviness of meaty courses. I loved this salad, mainly because the capers onion dressing was great. The coleslaw was crisp and the orange added the burst of sweetness and sourness.


The fifth course was linguine marinara in creamy sake sauce with prawns, salmon and calamari. The prawns and calamari were seasoned well, juicy and tender. The salmon was a tad dry due to the thin slice cut. The linguine was al dente, though I would prefer more sake sauce on my pasta.


The sixth course was deluxe wagyu beef aburi. Instead of flaming, the chef used teppanyaki hot plate to cook beef on one side, then brushed with kiwi garlic soy. It was served with Sichuan pepper salt and wasabi aioli. The garlic soy accompanied the beef well and kiwi was a great addition to the seasoning. The aioli was creamy but not spicy.


The seventh course was tori-mayo chicken thigh fillet. I cannot resist any tori mayo chicken because it is just so heavenly with the sweet and salty teriyaki sauce and creamy Japanese mayo. This was one of the best tori mayo chicken I have ever tried. The chicken thigh was cooked perfectly and the sauce was generous. Avocado puree added extra creaminess to the meal.


The second last course was fresh veggie combination san choy bao. Zucchini, eggplant, cabbage, onion, carrot and bean sprouts were stir fried on teppanyaki and served with creamy sesame sauce on lettuce. The sesame sauce was subtle and this course acted as palate cleanser before we ended our meal with the dessert.


Just as any other degustation, our night ended with dessert as the last course, Flambe banana. The banana was flamed with caramel sauce on hot plate, then sliced and served with vanilla ice cream. However, the banana was a bit grainy. On overall, I love the theatre of the flaming and I thought it was a good highlight to end the night.


I thoroughly enjoyed the night especially that I was able to see the chef cooking in front of us. It was quite therapeutic and definitely a good degustation experience. Congratulations Samurai Teppanyaki and Asiafest for the good job in planning and executing the night. I can’t wait for the next Asiafest to come and the exciting programs that are going to be installed for Adelaidians.
With love, Victoria

Words and Photos by Victoria Yap from Eat, Pray, Love

WHERE: Rymill Park, Adelaide



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