AsiaFest 2015 – Official Opening

Today marks the official opening of AsiaFest 2015. Separated into different regions around Rymill Park are five culturally diverse Asian origins; China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand. Each country will showcase their own cultural traditions through performances and delicious food.



As one of the most populous nations on the planet, there’s a guarantee that there’s always something happening in China. Performances will include traditional folk dancing, Chinese opera, lion dancing, wing chung kung fu demonstrations and line dancing. Food stalls are from local favourites Wah Hing, Citi Zen and Golden Dragon Yum Cha.



The activities in Japan are exciting and unique with martial arts performances and costumes from AVCon Cosplay and Lolita Parades. There are tea samplings as well as music, dance and cultural performances. Of course, local favourites, Sushi Planet, Ginza Miyako, Samurai Teppanyaki, Takoyaki by Kokochi and Yakitori will be cooking up a treat. For those with more refined tastes, a Teppanyaki Degustation is also available where customers can experience a variety of Japanese flavours from a front row seat.


Korea will be home to martial arts and cultural performances. Known for their K-Pop, a competition will be held that will create plenty of fun for visitors. There will also be demonstrations on how to make kimchi, as well as delicious food from Don Don, K Zone Food, Sodam and La Bonne Table.



In my opinion, the Vietnamese section will be the most impressive especially with the lake being transformed into a floating market place. From traditional foods to tropical fruits, the food will be provided by Viet Charm, Insta Streat and Sit Lo, as well as the fine dining Ngon Ngon restaurant. On top of that, there will be banh mi eating competitions and a range of cultural performances.



They say eating bugs is the way of the future as they are in plentiful supply and a valuable source of protein. Just like they do in South East Asian countries, deep fried bugs will be on the menu. Of course those who want something more mainstream are treated to food from Star of Siam, Silk and Spice, Nu Thai and Tuk Tuk. Performances will include the Ladyboy Superstars, Muay Thai and fruit carving.

In addition to all this, there is also the inclusion of a beach which will be home to a cocktail bar and food stalls. With musicians and DJ’s, all this will be part of the Full Moon Party Music Festival on Saturday, October 10th 2015.


Running from October 2nd to 11th, this years AsiaFest is going to be bigger and better. The featured countries will showcase their traditions and cultures so that visitors can fully immerse themselves and feel as though they’re actually in that country. Combine that with some of the best eateries in Adelaide cooking up some delicious food, and patrons are going to be in for a real treat.

AsiaFest is South Australia’s paramount cultural festival which will exhibit the best that Adelaide has to offer. This is an event not to be missed!

WHERE: Rymill Park, Adelaide


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