Turi – Zomato Meetup

Like most eateries in Adelaide, I first visited Turi when they opened nearly 18 months ago. The experience that I had was quite a good one so I was looking forward to paying them another visit. Adelaide Food Central, along with other fellow bloggers, were invited to sample some of their tapas style dishes. All food and drink were provided free of charge.


To start off with, we had the Green Olives. They were nice and dense, and not too bitter.


Next up was a Tasting Plate which consisted of Sopressa, Fontina Cheese and Caper Berries. The Sopressa was freshly sliced and I could detect notes of cumin and black pepper. The Fontina Cheese had a mild nutty flavour, while the Caper Berries had a stronger taste than capers themselves.


One dish that is unique to Turi is their Panelle which are fried chickpea fritters. Served piping hot, these fritters were delicious when dipped into their housemade aioli.


The Ragu Peas Arancini Balls were pretty good. Inside the dark, golden brown, crumbed exterior was a soft and moist mixture of rice, peas and ragu. The filling was well flavoured and I couldn’t resist having more than one.


The Pork and Veal Meatballs were simply amazing. Decent in size, these meatballs were tender and succulent, and you could a lot of cheese was added. The tomato base it was cooked in was well infused into the meat.


Last but not least was the dish of the night, their Cannoli di Ricotta. Unlike a majority of other places, the cannoli is made fresh and had a lovely crunchy texture. The ricotta was smooth, creamy and not overly sweet. The best cannoli I’ve ever had.

I was really looking forward to the dishes on offer tonight and I was not disappointed. Sicilian cuisine is unique in its own way, particularly with middle eastern influences. I’d personally like to thank the staff at Turi, and of course, Zomato for organising yet another successful event.

WHERE: 3/25 Grenfell St, Adelaide

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