Koko Thai

Compared to other cuisines, North Adelaide has a fair number of Thai restaurants. Koko Thai is the latest to join the group, but interestingly enough, the last two restaurants at the same location were also Thai. Tonight, Adelaide Food Central was invited to sample some of the dishes that Koko Thai had to offer. All food and drink were provided free of charge.


I can’t quite remember what the decor was like for the last two establishments, but after walking into this place, I thought it was breathe of fresh air. It has nice earthy colour tones, groovy low hanging light fittings and plenty of light coming from multiple frontages. It’s classy, modern and very inviting.


To start off, we had the Satay Chicken Skewers. The chicken was tender and succulent with lovely chargrilled flavours. The peanut sauce had a light consistency but still did well to attach to the chicken.


The Fish Cakes were well seasoned, firm and chewy, which is how they should be. The inclusion of beans was interesting as it gave the fish cakes a crunchier texture.


The Seafood Salad had an all star cast of Asian vegetables which was very refreshing. The vegetables were fresh and crisp, and I absolutely loved the crunchy texture. Bits of crab meat were thrown into the mix to give it a lovely sweetness. The hot and spicy lime dressing did increase the heat levels and made for a very exciting salad.


The Oysters were dressed with a Vietnamese dipping sauce. Sweet at first followed by a spicy aftertaste.


I can’t go to a Thai restaurant without sampling their Pad Thai. Their version was very well executed. The noodles were firm and perfectly cooked. The bean sprouts and peanuts added a lovely crunchy texture, and the use of dried prawns was applied effectively as to not overpower the dish. The scrambled egg was distributed evenly, and both the chicken and prawns were juicy and succulent. The flavours were just right in this dish.


My other Thai favourite is the Masaman Beef Curry. The slow cooked pieces of beef simply fell apart as did the potatoes. The peanuts were firm and added a subtle crunchy texture to the dish. I could really fault this dish at all.


The Barramundi with Green Mango reminded me of a deep fried fish fillet with the fish head still attached. Fried to a beautiful golden brown, the batter was light and crunchy. The fish was soft and delicate, and worked perfectly with the Asian salad that consisted of mango, shallots, cashews and chilli lime juice.


The first dessert we had was the Saku which isn’t currently on the menu. Let me tell you that it was amazing! It consisted of tapioca pearls swimming in a pool of sweetened coconut milk. The sweetness was complimented by the mix of seasonal fruit. I’ve never had anything like it but I’d go back just for this dessert.


The other dessert was the Sticky Rice served with a coconut custard. The coconut custard was subtly sweet with a thick consistency. It was sitting on a bed of sweetened sticky rice. I’ve had this dessert before and I must say it was very well executed.

After a marathon dining session, we were both pleased with the dining experience. Not only was the food of an exceptional quality, the atmosphere and service were just as good. While this restaurant is less than a week old, they haven’t wasted any time in finding their feet. We were thoroughly impressed.

WHERE: 147 O’Connell St, North Adelaide



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