Ginza Miyako – New Winter Menu 2015

There are some upmarket restaurants out there that haven’t changed their menu in years. Ginza Miyako is a bit different as they constantly introduce new menu items to keep customers interested. A select few of us were invited to the restaurant to sample their new dishes. All food and drink was provided free of charge. I’ve already reviewed their restaurant on 5 separate occasions, so I’m going to get straight into the food.


The Wagyu Rump Carpaccio was made with Japanese soy sauce, mirin and sake marinated wagyu rump and served with crispy capers, lotus root, fresh rocket topped with crumbled ricotta and feta cheese. It was then finished with a wasabi dressing and sesame oil.

The first dish of the night really set the standards high because it was so delicious. The thin slices of marbled wagyu simply melted in your mouth. The crisp rocket and crunchy lotus provided a contrast in texture, while the ricotta and feta cheese add a subtle hint of saltiness. The wasabi dressing wasn’t overpowering and was able to compliment all the other elements of the dish.


The Vegetable Terrine is so pretty with its assortment of coloured vegetables encased in gelatin. The vegetable pieces were firm and still retained their natural sweetness. This was well complimented by the beetroot and carrot puree. Vegetarians can rejoice!


The Blue Fin Tuna Tartare was served with a dashi jelly, radish salad and a mirin, miso and sake flavoured egg emulsion. The silky smooth texture of tuna was simply amazing and it just tasted fresh. This worked really well with the traditional flavour coming from the dashi jelly and crispness of the salad. The emulsion brought all the elements together to create a very tasty dish.


The Traditional Japanese Seafood Flan was contained conger eel, prawns, artichokes, lotus root and brown mushrooms set in a egg flavoured custard.

Brought to our table piping hot, you could see all the ingredients submerged in the creamy egg custard. The eel and prawns were juicy and succulent, while the vegetables were soft and delicate. The broth at the base of the custard were like flavours of the sea.


The Roasted Black Angus Beef Fillet was served with a mushroom and potato puree, seasonal salad and vegetables with a wasabi dressing and cream sauce.

Three words. Best. Steak. Ever. The best steak I’ve had previously was at this same restaurant a few months ago. The meat simply melted in your mouth like butter. This dish was like sex on a plate. When you mixed the meat with the puree, every bite was like being transported to heaven and back. I could have this again and again.


The Chocolate Fondant Cake with White Chocolate Yuzu Ganache was garnished with mandarin segments and an orange and mandarin sorbet. The key to enjoying the dessert is to mix all the ingredients together. The fondant cake was soft and moist with a gooey chocolatey filling. It was complimented by the subtle sweetness of the ganache and sorbet. The mandarin segments provided an overall balance by making the dessert more tart.


The Spiced Pound Cake and Caramelised Apple was served with banana and burnt caramel ice cream. The pound cake was firm but more moist as you ate towards the centre. Light and delicate in texture, it matched perfectly with the sweetness of the apple and ice cream.

It never ceases to amaze me how Ginza Miyako consistently maintain their high standards. Each and every dish that was brought out tonight was carefully thought out and very well executed. We were fortunate enough to have the entire traditional area to ourselves so the group was more than comfortable. Add the exceptional service and it was as close to a perfect evening as you’ll get. Thank you to the Johnny and the team at Ginza Miyako, you’ve outdone yourselves once again.

WHERE: Level 1, 150 North Tce, Adelaide

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