Mai Kitchen – Blogger Dinner

Adelaide Food Central and several other bloggers were invited to dine at Mai Kitchen. All food and drink were provided free of charge.

It’s always worth while getting a second opinion on what a place is like. Lee visited Mai Kitchen just over a month ago and was thoroughly impressed. Now it was my turn, along with other bloggers, to see what all the fuss is about. I’m not going to go into the finer details of the place as it has already been covered in the previous review.

Custard Apple Smoothie
Custard Apple Smoothie

The smoothie was light, smooth, creamy and refreshing. Not too overly sweet which is sometimes the case at other Vietnamese restaurants. The ratio of sugar, custard apple and ice were perfect, making it a light and delicious drink to accompany the food.

Vegan Satay Skewers
Vegan Satay Skewers

The first thing I noticed when the dish was brought to the table was the fragrant aroma emitted from the home made satay sauce. The sauce was definitely the standout element of the dish with its luscious complexity. As the battered broccoli, mushroom, onion, and capsicum were flashed fried it was not at all oily. It almost had a tempura like light texture which was nice. The toasted crushed peanuts also added a crunchy texture to the dish.

Salt and Pepper Squid
Salt and Pepper Squid

The squid was nicely seasoned. The spice blend used in the batter was well balanced and added a pleasant spiciness to the dish. The freshly chopped red onion and capsicum garnished on top balanced out the otherwise heavy dish.  The bed of the crispy noodles underneath the squid were golden, crunchy and delicious.

Spring Rolls with Mixed Berries
Spring Rolls with Mixed Berries

This dish was a bit unusual as one would usually associate spring rolls as being savoury finger food. When you get past the idea that spring rolls can only be savoury and actually try out the dish for yourself, you will be pleasantly surprised. The mixed berries encased in the spring rolls were simmered in a sugary syrup which was very sweet although this sweetness was downplayed by the vanilla ice cream. The spring rolls themselves are golden brown, crunchy and delicious.

One thing everyone at the table agreed on were the very generous portion sizes, great value for money and the quality and great unique balance of flavours each dish had. The decor was very beautiful and it was evident the owners had put in a lot of thought into the space and all its finer details. I also liked how they have a dedicated vegan menu which is very unique as very few (of it any at all) Vietnamese restaurants in Adelaide have such a menu.  Definitely a must go-to family friendly restaurant  in the Western suburbs that serves authentic Vietnamese cuisine and they have the most friendly and attentive staff.

Words and Photos by Linh Nguyen

WHERE: 34 Warren St, Ferryden Park



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