Saigon Street Rolls

I’ve lost track of the number of Vietnamese eateries that have opened in the last 12 months. Vietnamese street food is ever so popular and it shows no sign of abating. The latest shop to open is Saigon Street Rolls which is about 700m away from Castle Plaza Shopping Centre. Like most Vietnamese street food places, they’ve got a selection of snacks, meat rolls, cold rolls and vermicelli salads. On top of that they have the classic Beef Noodle Soup, a small range of mains and rice dishes, and soups.

Signature Stamp
Signature Stamp

The decor is neat and well presented, and there are just over a dozen seats for those wishing to dine in. Along one of the walls are photos taken in Vietnam which showcases a journey and adds a traditional touch to the place. Located on a corner position of a small complex, there is plenty of light coming in from multiple directions that makes this place light and airy.


For lunch, I ordered the Combination Meat Roll. Made fresh to order, I was glad to see thick layers of pate and egg mayonnaise spread over each side of the bread. The roast pork was well marinated, and the higher proportion of meat to fat indicated a good cut was used. I also thought the addition of extra pork rind was a nice touch. The other protein in this roll was their signature BBQ Chicken. Tender and succulent morsels of glazed chicken thigh that had a subtle sweetness. The pickled carrot was sweet and tangy, and the cucumber slices added a crunchy texture. The coriander was fresh and the chilli added heat with every bite. The bread roll was nice and crusty which is exactly how it should be. There was very little to fault with this roll and the generous amount of filling made it completely satisfying.

Combination Meat Roll
Combination Meat Roll

The store is run by two lovely sisters who are passionate about what they do. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing is more than reasonable. The cost of the Combination Meat Roll was $6.50 which represented great value for money considering the quality and serving size. In fact, no individual dish on their menu is more than $10.

Saigon Rolls is open for breakfast and lunch from Monday to Saturday.

WHERE: 924 South Rd, Edwardstown




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