Golden Bite Cafe

Golden Bite is a small cafe located in the California Court shopping complex on Daws Road. Open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the menu is primarily Lebanese inspired with a selection of kebabs, pizzas, mains and vegetarian options. The decor is nothing fancy, however, the space is nice and roomy, and there are plenty of seats.


For lunch, I ordered the AB. It was a combination of lamb and chicken that was freshly carved off the rotisserie and then grilled to ensure the meats were properly cooked. The presentation was quite good for an AB and the serving size was more than generous. The garlic sauce had a lovely thick consistency and the chilli sauce was similar to the hot American style, which in my opinion, is the only chilli sauce to be used on an AB. The amount of sauce was generous and the bed of crinkle cut chips were nice and crunchy. The only criticism I had was the quality of the meat. I encountered a few bits of sinew in the chicken and fat in the lamb.


The staff were very friendly and the service was good. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing was more than reasonable. They have a combination of Lebanese and traditional pizzas starting from $2.50. The cost of the AB was $12 which was a bargain considering the serving size. The meat wasn’t quite perfect, but then again, that’s the same with most places.

This place is great for a cheap and satisfying feed. A hidden gem in the suburbs.

WHERE: Shop 1, 56 Daws Rd, Edwardstown



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  1. Mr Fitz says:

    Oh that looks good

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