Bibimbap is a restaurant located in a small side street amongst a group of shops just off Glynburn Road. I’ve always been aware of it’s existence since I ate at the pizza place next door a few months ago. It just so happened that I was in the area and looking for a new lunch destination. As fate would have it, I drove past Bibimbap and they just happened to be open.


There’s lots to like about this place. The extensive authentic Korean menu with pretty pictures, the nicely spaced timber furnishings or the abundance of natural light that flows through it’s frontage. A waiter greets you as you walk through the door and leads you to a table. He does his rounds and waits patiently as you decide what to order. I was a bit disappointed to find no cheaper lunch menu. Having said that, for review purposes, I was going to eat here regardless.


For lunch, I ordered the Sizzling Beef Bibimbap. The meal arrived after a 15 minute wait and was nicely presented in a hot stone bowl. The beef was well marinated and the portion size was equivalent to other places. The pickles were sweet and tangy, and the vegetables were fresh and crisp. The rice beneath had nice individual grains, and the crusty bits that developed at the base of the bowl were heavenly. The dish came with gochujang sauce and kim chi, which certainly helped liven things up.

Sizzling Beef Bimbimbap
Sizzling Beef Bimbimbap

The staff were very friendly and the service was quite good. Drinks arrived on time, meals arrived within an acceptable time and dishes were cleared as I finished. The atmosphere was relaxed with many nationals frequenting this place at the time of visit. As mentioned earlier, there is no cheaper lunch menu. The cost of the dish was $18, which is acceptable for dinner, but a bit pricey for lunch. I also thought the serving size was a little conservative. Having said that, the food was great and I would rate this place as one of the better Korean restaurants in Adelaide.

WHERE: 22 Reid Ave, Tranmere




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