Edo Sushi

Opening last week, Edo Sushi is another Japanese take away store to enter an already saturated market. There are 17 types of sushi, bento boxes, rice bowls, teriyaki udon, udon soups and a selection of snacks. The sushi, bento boxes and snacks are already pre-made or pre-cooked, but you do have the option to get the food freshly prepared.


Most sushi stores take the form of a hole in the wall, however, Edo Sushi can seat 16 people. The posters on the windows block out most the natural light, but having said that, the place is well lit. The store is clean and well presented which is all you can ask for.


For lunch, I ordered the Chicken Katsu Rice Bowl. The dish arrived at my table after a 15 minute wait and was nicely presented. The chicken was tender and succulent, but it’s crumbed coating was a little on the soggy side. The steamed rice was firm with nice individual grains, and the fried egg was well distributed. The onion provided a subtle natural sweetness but this was overpowered by the salty katsu sauce.

Chicken Katsu
Chicken Katsu Rice Bowl

The staff were friendly and the service was good. The atmosphere was casual and relaxed, due to the fact that I was the only customer. Pricing is good with all sushi costing $2.50, bento boxes starting from $9.50, rice bowls from $8.50, teriyaki udon from $7.50 and udon soup from $6.50.

The saltiness of the katsu sauce ruined what would have been a pleasant dining experience.

WHERE: 26 Grote St, Adelaide



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