Abbots and Kinney

Anybody that has been down Leigh Street on a Friday, or the Adelaide Farmers Market on a Sunday, would already be familiar with Abbots and Kinney. Interestingly enough, the place was named after Abbot Kinney, a developer and conservationist who designed the Venice of America in the early 1900’s. Run by a pastry chef, Jonny Pisanelli, Abbots and Kinney offers a small selection of freshly made breakfast and lunch options, as well as coffee from D’Angelo Coffee.

The use of timber in this place is quite prominent and to good effect. The most interesting piece of decor is the communal table which is bench seating on one side and bar stool seating on the other. I’m guessing you could fit at least two dozen people in here, but that doesn’t matter as most of the customers seem to just pop in for a coffee.

For lunch, I had the Sloppy Joe, which is a danish filled with minced beef, corn and pepper jack cheese. The pastry was light and flaky, and the beef was well seasoned with a subtle sweetness. The cheese was spicy, delicate and buttery, and made the dish thick and gooey. The salad was made from cannellini beans, rocket, orange and fennel with a light dressing applied. This was well balanced by small serving of pickles on the side.

Sloppy Joe
Sloppy Joe
The staff were very friendly and the service was good. The atmosphere was relaxed, even with the constant stream of customers walking in and out of the store. Pricing is simple with pastries costing $5, breakfast $9 and lunch $13. The dish that I had was very good and I’d certainly be coming back for more.

All the products are made fresh on premises daily with only the best local ingredients used. The menu is seasonal with more offerings introduced as time goes on. The popup stalls will continue, but customers can still get a chance to visit the newest and trendiest place everyday during the week, and possibly on Saturday mornings.

WHERE: 78 Pirie St, Adelaide



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