Light Bulb Cafe

Light Bulb Café is a somewhat new brunch cafe on the quieter end of King William Road. They offer an all day breakfast, lunches, house blend coffee, fresh juices and smoothies, as well as an assortment of freshly baked sweet goods such as lemon tarts. Their focus is supporting local South Australian businesses whether it is showcasing original works by home-grown artists, incorporating local fresh produce into their dishes or supporting charities such as Oz Harvest. Everything about this little café is about supporting South Australia.

The café is brightly lit and gorgeous, mainly from the bright dashes of colour and the beautiful flowers. There are also neat original local artworks hung on the white walls. Turquoise seems to be the main choice of colour here with the matching tiles, door and chairs outside. A neat little alleyway outside the café is filled with tables and perfect for warmer days. The establishment can seat around forty five people.


The Beetroot Cured Salmon was the most visually stunning dish out of all the dishes we had on the day. The components of the dish were carefully placed and brought together like a beautifully coloured orchestrated affair. The beetroot cured salmon was the most intriguing element of the dish and also the most delicious. The beetroot was beautifully infused into the salmon and resulted in an exhilarating earthiness that was complemented with the crunchy, nicely seasoned grilled asparagus. The eggs were perfectly poached thanks to good Sous Vide cooking. The whites were tender, the yolks were flavourful and there was a beautiful shade of yellow that oozed out like liquid gold when cut through with a knife. The simple tangy Béarnaise sauce further complimented the rest of the dish and the pieces of grilled brioche added a nice crunchy texture to it also; a very well-executed dish.

Beetroot Cured Salmon
Beetroot Cured Salmon

The baked eggs in tomato sauce have quickly become a brunch classic and are now seen on many menus of brunch cafes across Adelaide. The eggs were perfectly poached and baked in the tomato sauce. The sauce was rich and fragrant in taste and aroma, although it was a little on the runny side. I prefer my tomato sauce to be much richer and thicker. Nonetheless the slices of toast were delicious accompaniments as I mopped up all the left over sauce remaining on the dish with it. The chilli added a nice kick, although it could have been a bit spicier, while the chorizo added a nice little smokiness to the dish.

Sugo Baked Eggs with Chilli
Sugo Baked Eggs with Chilli

The Polenta was rich, soft, creamy and smooth. The roasted cherry tomatoes added a tasty sweetness to the dish and was balanced out by the saltiness from the dried prosciutto, which also provided the dish a crispy element. Following from the seemingly Italian theme of the dish, the inclusion of the mascarpone cheese was a tasty touch. Also, the use of aged balsamic in the dish provided a delightful, sweet and fruity element. Overall it is a well balanced dish.

Savoury Soft Polenta with Mascarpone
Savoury Soft Polenta with Mascarpone

The Light Bulb juice was very refreshing and bright with the sweetness coming from the berries; I am eager to try out their other juices as well as their smoothies.

Light Bulb Juice
Light Bulb Juice

The staff were pleasant and friendly, although it did take a while for the dishes to come out and the place did seem understaffed. As far as price goes, it is a bit more expensive than other brunch cafes but the portion sizes are larger and they do use premium quality ingredients.

Light Bulb Café is a great place to relax and catch up with friends over good food and drinks.

Words and Photos by Linh Nguyen

WHERE: 66 King William Rd, Goodwood




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