Taste of the Himalayas

If I was doing this review a few years back, it would have been difficult because there were few Himalayan restaurants around. These days, there are about half a dozen in Adelaide serving similar dishes, so it’s a lot easier to get a gauge of what’s good and what’s not.

Taste of the Himalayas has been around for 18 months and is located on busy Brighton Road. Their food offerings are very similar to other places that serve this cuisine with entrees, clay oven dishes, seafood, curries, vegetarian options and roti. Their point of difference that they advertise is the use of Himalayan rock salt in their cooking. This is supposed to bring out the natural flavour in the dishes.


This place doesn’t look much from the outside with it’s darkened windows and black and white colour scheme, but the inside is considerably spacious. The linen tablecloths, the cloth napkins and the candles give this place more of an upmarket feel. The numerous picture frames hanging off the wall and the odd ornament here and there add a traditional touch. The floor to ceiling windows along it’s wide frontage allow plenty of natural light to flow through making the place light and airy.


For lunch, I ordered the Himalayan Smoked Butter Chicken. The dish was ready after a 15 minute wait and was beautifully presented. Healthy chicken breast portions were used which is great for the health conscious. The chicken itself was a bit of a mixed bag. Half the chicken was tender and succulent, while the other morsels, with slightly charred edges, were over cooked. Having said that, the sauce as thick and creamy and well infused into the meat.

Himalayan Smoked Butter Chicken
Himalayan Smoked Butter Chicken

Along with the curry, I ordered the Bhute Ko Bhat which is a Nepalese style rice that has red onion, green beans, carrots and cashew nuts. The rice was perfectly cooked with nice individual grains. The vegetables gave the dish colour while the cashew nuts added a lovely crunchy texture.

Bhute Ko Bhat
Bhute Ko Bhat

The staff were friendly and the service was very good. A cloth napkin was placed on my lap, drinks and meals arrived promptly, and plates were cleared as I finished. The atmosphere was quite relaxed as there wasn’t too much noise from the outside traffic. As far as price goes, the pricing is fairly standard with mains ranging between $15-$25. The cost of my meal including the rice ended up being $26.90 which is a bit pricey for lunch. Having said that, the portion sizes were generous and the quality was certainly up there.

While the experience wasn’t without flaws, it’s probably as good a Nepalese experience as you’ll get in Adelaide.

WHERE: 489 Brighton Rd, Brighton




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