Five Little Figs

Five Little Figs is a quaint little cafe located on the side streets of Payneham South. Initially, the cafe was going to be named after the five senses which are the elements that contribute to a sensual and satisfying food experience. Subsequently, it seemed more appropriate to name the cafe after the five fig trees that were growing in the backyard of the cafe.

Five Little Figs has a small breakfast menu that is available between 8:30 and 11:30am which includes favourites such as Mushroom Toast, Smashed Avocado and Green Eggs & Ham. Lunch goes from midday to 2:30pm and offers baguettes, wraps, salads, burgers and bruschetta.


Five Little Figs has a lovely homely feel about it. There are roughly 30 seats in the form of benches, normal tables and stools along one of the windows. Located on a nice corner position, there is plenty of natural light coming in from multiple directions.


For lunch, I ordered The Cheeseburger which arrived 15 minutes after ordering and was nicely presented. The beef patty had a good thickness and was of the same diameter as the bun. The meat was well marinated, juicy and succulent, and I could see the cheese nicely melted on both sides of the bun. The bacon was fried until crisp, which is just the way I like it, and the tomato slices were ripe and juicy. The saltiness of the bacon was well balanced by the sourness of the pickles and the spicy chipotle mayonnaise. The bun was soft and lightly toasted, and firm enough to hold all the ingredients.

Unlike other places that give you a side of chips with your burger, Five Little Figs gives you a healthy serving of shredded slaw and potato salad. The vegetables were fresh and crisp with the just the right amount of dressing added. The potatoes were slightly firm on the outside with soft delicate centres. I’ve never felt so healthy after eating a burger in my life!

The Cheeseburger
The Cheeseburger

The staff were really friendly and accommodating, and the service was outstanding. I came to the cafe at about 11am which is before their usual lunch period and they were still happy to cook me something from the lunch menu. They brought over table water without me asking, and both the arrival of the food and clearing of the plates were done in a prompt manner. I even had a lovely conversation with the owner and chef who was happy to show me around and talk about the background of the cafe.

During my visit, the cafe was full of mothers and their children who live locally. With children running around, the atmosphere can be a bit vibrant, but it began to be more relaxed when they left. Five Little Figs offers cooking classes for kids which is a very clever idea on their part. The pricing here is fairly average for a suburban cafe. Breakfast starts from $5 and lunch options from $9.50. The cost of The Cheeseburger was $14.50 which was well worth the cost considering it was delicious, a decent serving, and that fresh quality ingredients were used.

Five Little Figs is a hidden gem in the suburbs!

WHERE: 52 Devitt Ave, Payneham South




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