Pure Green Vegan Restaurant

As someone who eats out a lot, coming across a vegan restaurant is a bit of a blessing as a healthy meal once in a while will do me some good. Pure Green Vegan has recently opened up on the popular Hutt Street cafe precinct and offers a healthier alternative when compared to all the other eateries nearby. Unlike other vegan places, Pure Green Vegan offers an extensive menu with a worldwide inspiration.


Some of the vegan places that I have been to have been like walking into a hippy commune. The upstairs dining section is far from that and is tastefully decorated. The coloured place mats and artwork along the walls give this place a very homey feel. There is plenty of natural light flowing through making the space light and airy.


Today, I ordered the Tapioca Pudding which arrived at my table 10 minutes after ordering. In line with the green theme of the restaurant, the dessert was nicely presented in a glass with green sections and a similar coloured plate.

The macadamia praline was ground up and was crunchy and sweet. It was well balanced by sourness of the limes and the soft creamy delicate coconut flavoured tapioca pudding. A very well executed dish.

Tapioca Pudding
Tapioca Pudding

The staff were friendly and were happy to have a chat. The service was good, although there weren’t too many customers in the restaurant at the time. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing was reasonable. The cost of the pudding was $11 which is about the price you’d pay at a cafe. The mains range from $18 to $22 which is good value for something that’s healthy.

For an extensive range of vegan offerings that are also available in the evenings, this place is where it’s at.

WHERE: 210 Hutt St, Adelaide




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