De Corso’s Pizzeria

It was only through the power of social media that I became aware of the existence of De Corso’s. It’s a local suburban pizza bar within a small complex in Tranmere. With dine in specials 3 nights a week, we chose to visit on a Thursday night where they had “all you can eat” traditional pizzas for $12 a head.

There are a selection of traditional or gourmet pizzas that comes in 4 different sizes. Starting at 9 inches, the pizzas increase in 3 inch increments and come as large as 18 inches. For an extra $4, the pizza can come with a gluten free base. If you’re not in the mood for pizza, they also have pasta, risotto and a small selection of light meals.


Just like the signage, the colours of the Italian flag feature quite prominently in the decor. While the space doesn’t seem like much, they can easily seat 20 people at this pizza bar.


Tonight, we started off with the Florentina which consists of prawns, mushrooms, capsicum and anchovies. One thing you’ll notice about the pizzas at this place is that they like to chop up their toppings into tiny pieces. The amount of toppings was satisfactory and well distributed on the pizza. The hand made pizza dough had a nice thin consistency and is equivalent to a “classic” crust. We both agreed that the pizza tasted bland with the brief appearance of anchovies giving it any sort of taste.


The De Corso Special contained ham, salami, mushroom, capsicum, olives, onion and bacon. Again, this pizza tasted just as bland as the previous one.

De Corso Special
De Corso Special

Finally, we had the BBQ Chicken pizza which also had bacon in it. We both thought this pizza was better than the previous two, but with the classic combination of ingredients, you’d be in trouble if you got this one wrong.

BBQ Chicken
BBQ Chicken

The staff were friendly and the service was good. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing was reasonable, particularly with the $12 “all you can eat” deal. The traditional pizzas start at $9, gourmet pizzas $15, pasta dishes $13 and risotto $16.

The pizzas here are what you would expect from your suburban pizza bar.

WHERE: 28 Reid Ave, Tranmere




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