Cafe 55 at Mayfair Hotel

Cafe 55 is located adjacent to the lobby of the new Mayfair Hotel on King William Street. Quaint and cosy in size, this place offers crusty baguettes, healthy salads, home made soups, artisan pies, cold pressed juices, sweet and savoury snacks and hand crafted coffee.


The cafe is located in a modern and colourful space. The ceilings are a bit low, and seating is limited to the front counter area and around the side.


For lunch, I had the Smoked Salmon Roll. As it was already pre-made and sitting in the display cabinet, the meal was available pretty much straight away.

The smoked salmon was smooth and silky and there were two layers of it inside the roll. A generous amount of cream cheese was applied, and the green salads inside the roll were fresh and crisp. The odd caper made an appearance, however, I thought it was missing red onion, just to follow the classic recipe. The roll was freshly baked, firm and spongey.

Smoked Salmon Roll
Smoked Salmon Roll

The staff were really friendly and I was pleased with the service. The meal and drink arrived promptly, and the supply of a cloth napkin with knife and fork was unexpected. The cost of the roll was $9.90 which is fairly average for a cafe, however, the meal was good, the quality of ingredients used was exceptional, and you get the service and atmosphere to go with it.

A welcome addition in the heart of the Adelaide CBD.

WHERE: 55 King William St, Adelaide




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