MP3 Cafe

I must admit I was a bit reluctant about visiting MP3 due to the number of negative reviews. My past experience also suggests that a place that does “international” cuisine usually produces average food all round. Anyway, the only to find out whether this place was any good was to actually go there myself, albeit with low expectations.

Their menu consists of exactly 24 items and doesn’t include the specials on the chalkboard. The offerings are a mix of Asian and Mediterranean influences with some fried seafood thrown into the mix.


The decor at this place is neat and well presented, and just like the other cafes down Jetty Road, there is plenty of seating out on the pavement with views of the sea.


For lunch, I ordered the Fish and Chips. The dish came out 10 minutes after ordering and was nicely presented. Inside the firm crisp battered coating was a piece of soft delicate fish. The chips were of a medium cut and were fried until crunchy. The dish came with a small dipping bowl of mayonnaise which was very bland. There was also a side salad, which had vegetables that were fresh and crisp, but the Asian dressing was conservatively applied and from what was there, had very little taste.

Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips

The staff were friendly and the service was fast and efficient. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing was average for a cafe. The cost of lunch was $15 which wasn’t too bad considering the serving size. The fish and chips were alright but everything else that came with it was a let down.

The jury is still out on this place, but perhaps there is some truth to the negative reviews.

WHERE: 65 Jetty Rd, Brighton




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