Mulots Patisserie

Mulots is a French patisserie located on the King William Road cafe precinct. Set in a tiny little store, this place offers a selection of chocolates, macarons, eclairs, tarts, pastries and an assortment of small desserts. They also sell some savoury products, but I didn’t take too much notice of what they were. I was too fixated on which dessert I was going to have.

Today, I ordered the Copeau which is basically a chocolate torte. It was made up of many crumbed layers with chocolate icing in between each layer. Each layer was nice and firm, with a nice crunchy texture. Dark chocolate was used throughout, and I could taste a hint of rum mixed inside. The torte wasn’t perfectly created so I’ll have to take marks off for presentation.


The staff were friendly and the service was pretty good. The atmosphere was relaxed and the price of the dessert was reasonable. At $5.55, it perfectly satisfied my sugar craving. Not a bad place to visit for authentic French sweet and pastries.

WHERE: 143 King William Rd, Hyde Park





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  1. this is one of the best blogs I’ve seen about Adelaide, thanks..

    1. Thank you very much for visiting!

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