Bliss Organic Cafe

The last few vegetarian places I have been to have been like walking into special hippy habitats. I was pleasantly surprised to find this place looking more like a cafe rather than a time warp back to the 60’s. The place is very cosy and quaint, and in a way, it’s like walking into somebody’s home (a modern one). There are bookshelves and a piano, and the use of timber throughout almost has a calming affect, particularly with the natural light that emanates through the windows. The chilled music that plays in the background just puts you in a relaxing mood.

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or meat-atarian,  there’s basically something for everyone here. They even cater for the gluten intolerant and those who want to avoid sugar. They use fresh local organic produce and all the food that they serve is home made. Even their beverages are organic and fair trade. This place just screams healthiness from the moment you walk in, and your body and soul will start to feel nourished just by breathing the air in this place.

Today, I ordered the Falafel Burger. The meal was ready 10 minutes after ordering and was beautifully presented. The key to good falafel is in the preparation. Dried chickpeas need to be used and they need to be soaked for 24 hours and pureed until they’re very smooth. The exterior of this falafel was nice and crispy, and the interior was not too dry with a nice balance of chickpea, parsley and spices. The vegetables were fresh and crisp, with the alfalfa sprouts and carrot giving the burger a nice crunchy texture. The shredded beetroot gave it a nice subtle sweetness, and the bun was firm enough to hold all the ingredients. I’ve tasted the vegan cheese sauce before and it reminded me of melted plastic, but inside this burger, it was tolerable. I thought the burger as a whole was a bit dry, but size wise, it was very satisfying.

Falafel Burger
Falafel Burger

The staff were friendly when you got their attention, and the service was a bit too laid back for me. If there are customers waiting in line, you don’t have a deep and meaningful conversation while other people are waiting. Also, I only found out after my meal that you could get cutlery and napkins from behind the counter. (Perhaps I should have come with the vegan hippy dreadlocked look to get better service?) The atmosphere at this place is quite relaxed and the price point is a little expensive, but that’s no surprise when all the healthy buzzwords are thrown about. This place caters for a niche market and will continue to be popular with its vegan cult following.

WHERE: 7 Compton St, Adelaide





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