Argo On The Parade

Argo On The Parade seems to be where it’s happening. With lines 20 people long, you know they’re definitely doing something right. The decor is sleek and stylish with a touch of funkiness about it. The front counter has a deli style feel about it and the stone benches give it a bit more class.

Today, I ordered the Argus Burger. The dish was ready within 10 minutes of ordering and was nicely presented. There were a few smudges on the side of the plate so it appears they got a bit lazy with the plating. The beef patty was a nice thickness but slightly over cooked. The red peppers and Swiss mushrooms made the burger quite savoury, and the flavours were interesting to say the least.

Argus Burger
Argus Burger

The staff here are friendly and the service quite good, even for such a busy establishment. The atmosphere is vibrant, whatever time of the day. The pricing is reasonable considering its trendy location. If I could be critical about this place, I would say they’ve tried to cram too many seats into the venue. Not good if you’re claustrophobic. The food is above average and they do most things right here.

WHERE: 212 The Parade, Norwood





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