Colin & Co – Rundle Place

Colin & Co are located at the Grenfell Street entrance of Rundle Place. The place is primarily a coffee shop, however they do have breakfast and lunch options, as well as a selection of sweets. The decor has a funky warehouse feel about it. The floor to ceiling windows maximise the amount of natural light, yet the exposed concrete wall and the use of dark colour tones make this place feel more enclosed.

Today, I ordered the Roast Beef and Peanut roll. The dish was ready after a 10 minute wait, which was quite long considering it was premade and already sitting in the display cabinet. The beef was tender and stringy, and could have been marinated a bit better. The use of peanuts gave it a crunchy texture, and the mayonnaise used was the bland tasteless variety. The bun was firm and freshly baked. The salad looked limp and the absence of a dressing made it difficult to eat.

Roast Beef and Peanut Roll
Roast Beef and Peanut Roll

The staff were friendly and the service was average, but what you would expect from a coffee shop. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing is competitive. Food isn’t their strong point at this place and it kind of showed with my meal.

WHERE: 80 Grenfell St, Adelaide





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6 Comments Add yours

  1. lmjapan says:

    I have never eaten a burger with peanuts in it before, sounds so interesting!

    1. The burger had a distinct Asian influence to it. The crunchy texture reminded me of a Vietnamese dish that I have with rice noodles.

      1. lmjapan says:

        If you’re referring to the Vietnamese noodle dish, bun, then I would love that burger!

  2. LFFL says:

    Now that looks delicious!

    1. It wasn’t actually. 😦

      1. LFFL says:

        Sometimes they look better than they taste.

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