Saints Pizza Deliveries

My oh my! This place makes really good pizza!

I’m usually a bit reluctant to pay too much for gourmet pizza because I know there are cheaper alternatives. Compared to your pizza chains, I’m paying double for a 12 inch pizza. Having said that, this pizza tasted 10 times better, so it was all worth it.

The store itself has been around for a few decades and the decor is representative of that. There’s seating for about 20 people, but most of their customers are pick up or delivery.

Tonight, I ordered a pizza with the lot. The pizza bases are hand made, and are created in front of you. I had one criticism at this point. After I paid my money to the store attendant, without washing his hands, the same guy went and made my pizza. For their sake, I’ll assume that pizza oven killed off all the germs.

Pizza With The Lot
Pizza With The Lot

The pizza itself was delicious! The toppings were fresh and generously provided. The only time I have more topping is when I make pizza myself at home. The distribution of toppings was very consistent as you get good variety with every bite. The pizza base was an even thickness throughout, which is impressive considering it was done by hand. Unlike the el cheapo pizzas, I didn’t feel sick or thirsty afterwards.

Great pizza. Great service. Fair prices. Questionable hygiene.

WHERE: 646 Grange Rd, Henley Beach





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  1. LFFL says:

    I love a good pizza!

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