Wok On Water

Wok on Water is a Thai restaurant, located metres from the beach, on Seaview Road. The place is small with seating for about 15 people, because of this, most of their clientele are take away customers. There is only one good seat in the entire place and that is in the south west corner facing the window. This has a direct view of the jetty and sea. Mind you, all menu items will cost an additional dollar for the privilege of dining in.

Today, I ordered the usual Pad Thai. The dish was ready 10 minutes after ordering and the presentation was OK. Little care had been taken with the plating and it looked as though it was just thrown onto the plate. The serving size was rather conservative, but the dish itself tasted good. The noodles were well cooked, and the only vegetables in the dish were the bean sprouts. The peanuts and bean sprouts added a nice crunchy texture. There were a few pieces of chicken and prawn throughout the dish, although I noticed the prawns weren’t deveined. The colour of the dish lacked a reddish tinge, however, the flavours were just right.

Pad Thai
Pad Thai

The service was OK, and the atmosphere was relaxed. With the view I had from where I was sitting, it was so easy just to stare into the ocean. The pricing is fair, considering its prime location. All things considered, an average Thai restaurant at best.

WHERE: 584 Seaview Rd, Grange





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