I know it’s cheaper to buy sushi rolls individually, but I’m kind of getting used to having my sushi delivered by train. Being inside an arcade, the place is a lot smaller than some of their competitors. Seating is limited, however, that doesn’t detract from the popularity of this place. The thing I like about this place is that you’re so close to the sushi chefs and you can see them preparing the sushi right in front of you.

I’d have to say a majority of their sushi plates are quite good with the odd one that falls below expectations. The highlight for me was the Takoyaki Chicken. The chicken was tender, succulent and perfectly cooked. It had just come off the grill and it was ever so tasty! The lowlight would have to be the Furikake Roll. Both the pork and salmon were dry and over cooked. The pork was well marinated, but the sushi itself was just difficult to eat.

Takoyaki Chicken
Takoyaki Chicken
Furikake Roll
Furikake Roll

The staff were warm and welcoming, and the service is above average. The atmosphere was relaxed, and with people lining up to eat here, I already knew I was on to something. The pricing is on par with their competitors, however, with sushi trains, you can easily go overboard with the spending. This place isn’t too bad in my books!

WHERE: Shop 8, Regent Arcade Rundle Mall





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