Paddy’s Lantern

Paddy’s Lantern serves simple delicious meals using quality ingredients. The Smoked Ocean Trout that I ordered was beautifully presented and tasted simply amazing! I absolutely loved the crunchy texture from the pumpkin seeds on the bread. The horseradish cream cheese was smooth and had nice depth. The smokey flavours from the ocean trout was quite heavenly. The combination of ingredients worked in harmony. The salad was nice and fresh, and the amount of dressing on it was just right.

Smoked Ocean Trout
Smoked Ocean Trout

The staff were really friendly and the service was excellent. The atmosphere was relaxed even though the place was busy. The pricing is more than reasonable and the serving sizes are pretty good. The open plan warehouse feel about this place gives it a great cosy vibe. The natural light emanating from the windows in the centre of the building just make you want to relax and spend the day doing nothing.

Highly recommended!

WHERE: 219 Gilbert St, Adelaide





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