Ga Bin

We came to Ga Bin by chance tonight as the restaurant we were supposed to go to didn’t serve food until 6pm. I had heard reports that this place wasn’t very good, so I came here with little to no expectations.

Ga Bin call themselves a Korean restaurant, but as one other reviewer had said, 75% of their menu is Chinese. This may put some people off, but all my favourite Korean dishes were there.

The restaurant itself is nicely presented. It’s spacious in an open plan area. The decor is traditional with a few modern touches, and there’s plenty of room between adjacent seats. I really like the timber seating and tables. The Korean inscriptions on the seats give it a nice authentic touch.

Today, I ordered the Beef Bulgogi. The dish came out after a 15 minute wait and was nicely presented. It came in a sizzling hot plate and the serving size was more than generous. The beef was lean and the meat was well marinated. The dish had good flavour and depth, and the meat to rice ratio was 2 to 1.

Beef Bulgogi
Beef Bulgogi

The staff were friendly, and the service was pretty good. The atmosphere was relaxed, even with Celine Dion playing in the background. The pricing was fair, but with the generous serving sizes, it represented good value for money.

They should really call themselves an Asian fusion restaurant, but with that being said, I thought my Bulgogi was pretty good.

WHERE: 144 Grote Street, Adelaide





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  1. Rebecca says:

    To answer the confusion everyone seems to be having about this place, Korea has its own version of Chinese dishes just like japan has ramen etc… Jjajangmyeon, jjampong, kampoongi are all chinese influenced korean dishes that are a very ‘normal’ part of korean food and quite different to what they were originally based on. There is another restaurant on portrush rd that does only korean Chinese dishes too 🙂

    1. Thank you for your response and reading my blog. You learn something new everyday!

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