Cocolat – Rundle Place

The Cocolat franchise is expanding. If walking to the end of Rundle Street was too hard for you, there’s now a store inside the Rundle Place food court.

The desserts are pretty much the same, although I did see a few new ones on their menu. I’m not sure whether there has been an across the board price increase, but the desserts here were 10% more expensive than my recent visit to the airport store.

Today, I ordered the Chocolate Mint Leaf which is essentially a mint mousse dome covered in chocolate. Presentation is really important here as one of the store attendants took 3 attempts to drizzle chocolate perfectly on a plate. After she was done, I was presented with an edible work of art. The mousse was refreshingly minty and the chocolate was firm and delicate.

Chocolate Mint Leaf
Chocolate Mint Leaf

The staff were very friendly, and the service was fast and efficient. Seating is shared with all the other stores in the food court, but we had no problem getting one. For a dessert place inside a food court, I did think the prices were slightly high. The dessert was good though.

WHERE: 77 Rundle Mall, Rundle Place







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