Bond & Lane Canteen

You would be surprised at the number of old shopfronts that are found in the suburban backstreets. Some of them are converted into residences, while others remain empty till this very day. Bond and Lane Canteen, on the other hand, have continued with past traditions, and opened up a cafe serving breakfast, lunch, sweets and beverages. The store is located on a side a street just off Goodwood Road, away from the traffic and noise pollution.

The decor at this place would be best described as neat 1950’s with a few modern touches. The venue has a nice open plan, neutral colour tones and not overly cramped with furnishings. The old coloured concrete flooring, the polished pine floorboards and the basic timber furnishings take you back to a time when my Grandparents would have considered it cool.

Today, I decided to order their Coffee Cream Sponge Cake. It was nicely presented on a funky bright yellow plate and it tasted just as good. The sponge cake was light and delicate, and the coffee cream was silky smooth. It had a subtle sweetness, but more importantly, it tasted like coffee. It was delicious!

Coffee Cream Sour
Coffee Cream Sour

The staff here were friendly and the service was pretty good. They brought out a bottle of water without me even asking. I did find the outdoor tables a little small, and during windy conditions, it can get a bit blustery sitting outside. The atmosphere was relaxed, as it was nice staring into space on a Saturday afternoon.

The pricing at this place is average, although I do expect places out in the suburbs to be cheaper than a place on a cafe strip. The quality of the food is here is really good, so at least someone knows what they’re doing the kitchen. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area!

WHERE: 1 Salisbury Crs, Colonel Light Gardens





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