Knoodle Junction

Knoodle Junction is an Asian takeaway place conveniently located on Pulteney Street, right between the University of Adelaide and Rundle Mall. Due to the amount of foot traffic that goes past this place, it’s no wonder that this place is always full. Packed wall to wall with international students, this place offers a selection of ready made a la carte dishes, however, they also have a set menu if you don’t see anything you like.

Today, I ordered the Pad Thai. The dish was ready 10 minutes after ordering and the presentation was OK. The noodles were soggy and over cooked. There was the odd slice of fish cake, beef and prawn, but other than that, they were too conservative with the proteins. The vegetables were fresh, with the highlight being the sweetness of the red capsicums. The crunchy texture I was expecting from the bean sprouts and peanuts just wasn’t there. The dish was just disappointing. It tasted bland and was way too oily. It didn’t even have the brown reddish tinge I normally expect.

Pad Thai
Pad Thai

For a cheap take away place, the service for the most part, was pretty good. I did raise an eye brow when the store assistant handed me change in my napkin. She might as well have dropped my napkin on the floor before giving it to me. Other than that, everything was fast and efficient, and our plates were cleared soon after finishing. The pricing here is really cheap, which one of the reasons why this place is so popular. My meal was $8.70, which is half of what I normally pay for the same dish elsewhere. It’s a pity the quality was also halved as well.

From reading all the other reviews, apparently this place does good food. I just didn’t see it in my Pad Thai. I’m guessing I may have ordered the wrong dish!

WHERE: Renaissance Arcade Food Court





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