Ed Castle

The Ed Castle is located towards the western end of Currie Street in a building that is nearly 2 centuries old. Considering the city of Adelaide is not that old itself, this particular venue has historical significance. The first thing you notice when you enter the place is the set of pool tables. I initially mistook this place for a pool hall, but after you wander around a bit, you realise it’s actually a pub. To the right, you have the main pub area, while to the left, you have an outdoor courtyard that is considerably spacious.

The decor here fails to impress. Everything just looks tired and old. The pink coloured walls and the exposed floors really don’t add any life to this place. They hygiene here is also questionable. The table cloth, at the table I was sitting at, still had old food scraps on it. The chairs were no better. The sun from the nearby window was reflecting all the grease marks off the seating. I would have stood up to have my meal had that been an option. Apparently this place has been recently renovated. I’d hate to have seen what this place was like prior to that.

Today, I came here for their $10 menu. After reading some of the reviews here, I knew the Chicken Parmi was on offer, so I ordered one. There were other menu items on offer, but I like to rate all pubs based on their Chicken Parmi’s. It’s comparing apples with apples so to speak. The Parmi was ready 15 minutes after ordering and was nicely presented. There were only 2 people working in the pub at the time. The Bar Lady wasn’t around to serve me my food, so the Cook had to bring it out. As I usually do, I took the phone camera out to take photos of the meal, and low and behold, the Cook takes a photo of me taking a photo! If you’re going to take a photo of me using your iPhone, at least turn the phone to silent so it doesn’t make a noise when you’re taking a photo!

The chicken schnitzel was succulent and perfectly cooked. The schnitzel was of a nice diameter, although it was a little on the thin side. Considering it was only $10, who am I to complain? The Napoletana sauce had a thick rich tomatoey texture and had good coverage over the schnitzel. The mozzarella topping was more than generous, and it had spent the right amount of time under the grill as it was a beautiful light golden brown. The chips were thin and beer battered. They were nice and crunchy on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside. I already knew the salad was fresh because I could hear the Cook slicing up the vegetables. It has a nice vinaigrette dressing that was thoughtfully applied. It was a pretty good Chicken Parmi!

Chicken Parmi
Chicken Parmi

The staff were friendly, when they were around, but the service was a bit lacking. The atmosphere was relaxed, but that was no surprise considering it was a weekday. I’m going to knock off 1 star for the Cook sneakily taking a photo of me, and another star for the hygiene, decor and inconsistent service. That is all!

WHERE: 233 Currie St, Adelaide





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  1. Janet says:

    I work nearby and we had a function there recently you should check the place out again. New owners and renovations. Food still good and thankfully most of the pool tables gone too.

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