Don’t be fooled by the lack of Thai people that work here! There could have been a team of Thai chefs slaving away in the kitchen, but that couldn’t be verified. Whatever the case, Hypnothaized is one of the best Thai restaurants in Adelaide.

From the same team that originally opened Tongue Thai’d in Mile End, comes another Thai restaurant with a name that uses a similar play on words. The place is located towards the end of Henley Beach Road and is about a 15 minute walk to Henley Square. The restaurant is not particularly large, with a maximum seating capacity of about 30. The decor here is sleek and stylish, with the clever use of mirrors and light fittings to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The customer service here is simply outstanding. The staff were warm and inviting, attentive but not overbearing. They took the time to explain the menu items, and they even designed a banquet for the group to eat. They constantly refilled glasses as required, they replaced dirty bowls with new ones after every main dish and they cleared the plates rather promptly. The owner himself should be a comedian. His interaction with the group was pure gold and there was just so much laughter throughout the night, they should get bonus stars for entertainment value alone. The highlight was when the owner got everyone in the restaurant to sing happy birthday to one of the members in my group.

Tonight, we had a $42 a head banquet with the dishes determined by one of the staff. The dishes came out at regular intervals and all the timings were about right.

CHICKEN SATAY – Chicken was tender and succulent. Satay sauce had a nice consistency and crunchy texture.

SPRING ROLLS – Fried to a nice golden brown. Filling was well cooked as the vegetables were still crisp.

FISH CAKES – Tasted like real fish. You could tell the ingredients were actually fresh with every bite.

VEGETARIAN EGGPLANT – Apparently this is the specialty for this place. Not usually a fan of eggplant, but they made it taste really good.

YUM SEAFOOD SALAD – The prawns and scallops were so fresh, it really made the dish. The vegetables were crisp but only played a secondary role.

CHICKEN FRIED RICE – This was delicious. Chicken was succulent and tender, and the rice has nice individual grains. This dish had real bite and was one of my favourites.

OYSTER BEEF – Most restaurants use soda powder as a tenderiser to soften the meat, but this place doesn’t. The beef wasn’t the most tender I’ve ever had, but it’s how good quality beef should taste when cooked without any additives. Vegetables were fresh and flavours were well balanced.

Oyster Beef
Oyster Beef

GINGER SOFT SHELL CRAB – Chewing on crab shells has more of a psychological barrier more than anything. Once you get past the crunchy texture, it’s actually not too bad. Probably equivalent to chewing on a cockroach. One of my least favourite dishes, but still tasty.

LEMONGRASS FISH – Fish fillets were cut up into nice bite sized pieces and lightly fried. Mixed in with the crisp fresh vegetables, it was remarkably similar to one of the other mains but with a different meat. Still good though.

MARS BAR CHEESECAKE – This was a complimentary dessert and wasn’t even made by the restaurant. I have had this type of cheesecake elsewhere, but this one was the best I’ve ever had!

If there was one criticism about this place, it would be that this place only has one toilet. Not a problem if everyone doesn’t need to go at the same time, but a slight inconvenience. Other than that, I could find very little to fault about this place or the dining experience as a whole. The quality of the food, the service, and the atmosphere, were just about perfect. One of the most memorable and enjoyable evenings I’ve had in a very long time and it was at this restaurant. I was absolutely Hypnothaized! Highly recommended!

WHERE: 43 Henley Beach Road, Henley Beach South





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