Jack Ruby

I came to Jack Ruby nearly 5 months ago on their opening day. My first review of this was probably little unfair as they were still finding their feet. Today, I decided to give this place another go to see whether anything had changed.

For lunch, I ordered the Pulled Pork and Slaw Burger. Complimentary salted popcorn was provided while we waited for our meals. The meal arrived after a 15 minute wait and was nicely presented on a wooden cutting board. The burger was of a reasonable size while the french fries were presented in a cute little deep frier. The pulled pork was slow cooked for 10 hours and was absolutely delicious! The pork was juicy and tender, and the meat just fell apart with every bite. The quantity of meat was more than generous and the barbecue sauce was subtle in sweetness. Best pulled pork burger I’ve ever had! The fries were well cooked and an adequate amount of salt was added.

Pulled Pork and Slaw Burger
Pulled Pork and Slaw Burger

Staff were really friendly and the service was a definite improvement from last time. The atmosphere was relaxed, although where we were sitting felt kind of gloomy. My meal was $20 which I still feel is a bit overpriced for what you get. If I were to pay what I thought it was worth, I’d probably only give them $15 max. The group I was with enjoyed their meals too, so it was a positive experience all round.

WHERE: 89 King William St, Adelaide





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